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Call of Duty: Cold War’s Second Season Brings More Zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War A significant expansion is taking place for its second season. The new update brings more weapons and characters to the game, and a new zombie mode.

It is scheduled to be updated sometime between 9 pm and 11 pm PT on 24 February. Rolling update will be hit Black Ops Cold War On 23 February and Warzone next day.

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The highlight of the latest update to the first-person shooter is the new outbreak mode. Described as a “massive zombie experience”, players will once again fight to survive against hordes of zombies while completing objectives. Developer Treyarch is yet to reveal specifics, but exact details are expected in the next few days. The mode will be off for some time during the launch week of the season.

Other new modes include the fan favorite Gun Game and Stockpile, a six-versus-six competitive game that combines Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed. Players must collect opponents’ dog tags and then submit them to specific drop sites to drop points.

Other new additions to the game include four new operators, four multiplayer maps, and six weapons. In addition to the new snipers and submachine gun, players will get a shovel that can be used as a melee weapon.

Battle royale games of duty, Warzone, Receiving some major updates as part of season 2. The biggest change is that new “points of interest” will be added to the map. Treyork raided a new underground area and a huge cargo ship full of loot that players would be able to explore.

Warzone There will also be two new game modes. In exfiltration, players must hunt a rough radio hidden somewhere on the map and try to hold it for a long time to win. Rebirth Island Resurrection increases the player count to 90 in the response-able mode of the extreme game.

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