Bruno mars and anderson. Paak prove grammys are more fun with flasks

Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak Prove Grammys Are More Fun With Flasks

Cheers to one grammer unlike any other.

before this Harry Styles The biggest night of music on Sunday 14 March Bruno Mars And Anderson. Decided to have fun early on the red carpet.

Posing for pictures, this pair is called Silk sonic Could not help but to show off his flask and take a sip or two.

As Anderson wrote on Instagram before arriving at the Los Angeles Convention Center, “There are too many drunk posts today! Just Rock Thought Me.”

It is going to be a big night for the musical duo who are expected to perform in front of millions of fans. Bruno and Anderson are excited to say that there may just be a silence.

“Okay, I can get started on Mimosas very quickly so Imma take a quick nap and tap back with y’A later!” Anderson joked online for hours before showing up in Gucci from head to toe. “Congratulations to all the candidates and winners in advance! You will never let them cry even if you lose. I love you very much my dear and dear children.”

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