Beyoncé shouts out her "rock" jay-z and kids during grammys win

Beyoncé Shouts Out Her “Rock” Jay-Z and Kids During Grammys Win

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Back in June, Beyoncé pulled off one of her classic moves and was surprised that she was alone late at night. However, “Black Parade” was not another of his catchy tunes. It was depicted with meaningful songs that were emblematic of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Queen Bey said, “I’m going back south / I’m going back, back, back, back / where my roots haven’t descended / Trust me, they should bounce an army / rubber bullets off.

“Being Black, that’s probably why they’re always crazy,” she said. “Yes, they are always crazy, yes / past is past, I know that’s why they are all big crazy / and always have been.”

The Texas native also paid tribute to his faithful bookworm with the song, “You Hear Them ‘, known to bite the right / bees.”

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