Beyoncé and megan thee stallion's grammys speech was so powerful

Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion’s Grammys Speech Was So Powerful

Grammar of 2021 announced Beyonce And Megan The Stallion“Savage (Remix)”, a winner. The pair won the Best Rap Song award for their Tiktok-loving track, which both checks the name of Mona Lisa. And Only fan.

This was the second award that the song took home during Gramim. “Savage (Remix)” also won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance. And, in another big win, Megan also took the Grammy for Best New Artist.

The “Body” rapper was passionate as he took the stage, telling the audience, “I want to say congratulations to everyone who was nominated because all of these songs were amazing. The music really helped a lot to get us through the epidemic.” “

He said, “I definitely want to say thank you to Beyoncé. If you know me, you have to know that I was like you ever since I was little, I know that one day I’m going to grow up. And I’m going to be like Rap Beyoncé, that was definitely my goal. And I remember the first time I went to the rodeo and I saw a child performance of Destiny and I liked, ‘You know ? I love her work, I love her? I love the way she is taken with me. ‘And my maternal uncle is always’ What would Beyoncé do like Megan?’ And I’m always like, you know what Beyoncé will do, but let me make it a little vicious. “

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