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If you’re after a trendy and stylish pair of headphones, then you should check out Dre’s offerings from the brand Beats. Beats is not only famous for his distinctive look, but also his bold voice. While they are not to everyone’s taste in terms of sound profile, if you like your audio lively and rancid then you will enjoy these headphones. The brand offers both over-the-year and true wireless designs, and has a range of models available at various price points. Beats can be pricey, however. This is why we have hunted through various headphone deals from various online retailers to find the best Beats headphones deals, so we can share with you the very best Beats headphones available.

Cheapest Beats Headphone Deals Today


Studio 3 Wireless Beats

Studio 3 wireless beats
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One of the most popular models from Beats is the Studio 3 Wireless Headphones, a solid set of noise-canceling headphones that mixes new active noise-canceling (ANC) technology with a recognizable look. The Studio 3S headbands and soft squishy ear cups are comfortable to wear for considerable padding around, and the headphones are super easy to pair, especially if you use Apple products like the iPhone or iPad.

Studio 3s are not as stale as you might expect from Beats, which can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your point of view. If you are more interested in clarity of sound and accuracy then you can once appreciate bass for taking a back seat. But if you love the thumping baseline and love everything you hear from other Beats headphones, you might be surprised at how polite the bass is here. Either way, though, these headphones are undeniably comfortable to wear, have solid noise cancellation, and have a great battery life to keep you running all day.

Beats Solo 3

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If you want a pair of stylish headphones, but your budget is not too high for the Studio 3s and you are looking for cheap Beats headphones, the Solo 3 might be for you. They have the same wireless ease of use and strong battery life, and they also offer great compatibility with Apple products. They are not quite as comfortable as Studio 3s, but they are equally stylish, with a distinctive beats look and feel.

They have solid audio quality for their price, nothing that sticks too much and a sound that most or all listeners will like. If you’re after a nice looking pair of wireless cans that will fit right in with your Apple products, then these may be the option for you.

Beats powerbats pro

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If you prefer the right wireless earbuds for over-the-ear options, then you might want to check out the popular PowerBets sometimes. The Powerbeats Pro are top of the line when it comes to true wireless headphones, with exceptional battery life, a happy, bright sound and a comfortable fit. They make the perfect pair with iPhones for on-the-go music, and their sporty design means they’ll stick firmly in your ears and you shouldn’t worry about getting out and about leaving your pair.

The buds themselves are relatively compact for an over-the-year style, so they are not heavy or bulky. The downside is that the charging case they come in is chunky, but the upside is that a lot of battery life has been squeezed into the case. The buds lasted 8 to 9 hours in our test, and the charging case was 24 hours of life more spectacular. And if you are planning to use PowerButs Pro while exercising or in the rain, then you will be happy to know that they are water resistant with IPX4 rating.

Beats Powerbeats 4

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If you are looking for Beats headphones deals, but don’t want to spend that much on Powerbeats Pros, then PowerButs 4 may be for you. You’ll find the same safe fit and water-resistance as the pros, but your device has a wireless connection but unlike the true wireless format of the pros, a wire connecting the two headphones. These you still have excellent battery life, however, will last an impressive 15 hours of playback between charges.

In the box, you’ll find a variety of tips for fitting your ears, and a fast charging cable to get you going quickly. They have the driving sound you’d expect from beats, plus comfort and a much cheaper price than other options in the line. All in all, a winner on many fronts.

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