Beautiful Sparkling Eye Makeup

Beautiful Sparkling Eye Makeup

There are glitter eyeliners on the market. Some are better than others. It is important to choose those whose concentration of glitter in the gel is the highest. Some low-end brands will file a flake here and there, which is very ugly to see. To get a nice effect, keep your eyes closed as long as the eyeliner is wet, otherwise, you could end up with glitter gel glue on the eyelid, which will mess up your whole make up.
To create your own glittery eyeliner with glitter-free (be careful buying those specifically designed for the makeup does not irritate your eyes), there are two options.

You can use a pencil very creamy eye shadow or cream and place over sequins with an eyeliner brush. Glitter stick lightly on the pencil, now it is the creamiest possible.
When you apply eyeliner regular first, dip the brush into the eyeliner, then into flakes, and then drag it onto your eyes. The only disadvantage of this technique is that you must rinse your brush after every use so as not to put glitter in the jar or tube of regular eyeliner.

It is always possible to use glitter eyeliner as eye shadow. For a uniform look, first remove the sequins on a rolling brush finger on it, and then tap your eyelid to drop flakes. If you find that the effect is not bright enough, wait for the gel of the first layer to dry and then reapply a second coat.

If you drop the glitter directly on the skin, but they will not last long and fall on your face and even your eyes. It is, therefore, necessary to make them stick.

It is, therefore, necessary to apply a base. You can choose either a pencil of very creamy eye colour that you come across the surface of the eyelid or apply a thick layer of cream eye shadow or finally, use a makeup base eye cream, you apply generously without dry. Suffice it to remove the glitter with a brush or finger tapping and pressing them to stick well to the cream base.

You can also spray a mist fixing makeup directly on the eyelids (keeping eyes closed during spraying) or use a synthetic bristle brush to drag them on the eyelid, and then you put something in glitter. Makeup fixing mists generally have an ingredient that acts like an adhesive. Glitter sticks to it well. I prefer this type of spray fixative drizzle over the glitter once they applied to ensure long-lasting.

The best places to apply glitter on eyes lash the upper inner corner of the eye (above and below the eye) and the centre of the eyelid. Never apply the only glitter in the eyes of the whole width, unless you have also applied above. This advice also applies to any eyeliner or eye pencil.

The flakes are ideal for a party, a prom, a wedding, or even every daylight touch.

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