Back-to-School Laptop Deals 2020: Chromebook, Mac, and Windows

Schools can vary a lot this fall, but whether you’re walking from class to classroom or using the zoom, one thing isn’t changing – you’ll need a laptop. And here we are doing some great deals for you from top brands like Apple and Microsoft. While the options have never been wider, the fact is that there is nothing more convenient than packing your computer, placing it in your bag or under your hand, and moving it to the next location – whether it’s your next class or home. In just a quiet room. These laptops have a variety of screen sizes, storage capacity, software options, and above all, prices. Whether you need an affordable workhorse word processor for papers or a more impressive showpiece for finished design work, we have our list of great back-to-school laptop deals for you.

HP Pavilion x360 14 360 – $ 400, was $ 500

Back to school laptop deals 2020 chromebook mac and windows

The HP Pavilion x360 14 is an inexpensive, worker bee of a laptop. The most prominent feature is apparently HP’s mythically responsive touchscreen, which gives you some of the tablet’s power with all the power of a laptop. It’s not really a jet engine, but between Intel’s Intel Core i3 processors, 8GB of memory, and 128GB of storage, it has plenty. Especially such a lightweight and cute (not to mention thin) portable machine; It weighs only 3.55 pounds and is 0.7 inches thin. Back to the screen. HP has built this chromebook with a 360 degree gear hinge, so you can actually work on its positions. It is loaded with Windows 10 and has a built-in HD webcam with dual array microphones for smooth zoom calls. A very solid 12 hours with a battery life, this is a handy, attractive laptop that will cover all your basic needs, without breaking the bank (especially with $ 100).


Microsoft surface laptop 3 – $ 879, was $ 1,000

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Even the small and lightweight (but you’ll pay for it) Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is a multitasker’s dream. It weighs less than three pounds (2.76 precision) and is 0.57 inches thick. And yet in that broader form, there is a 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor that makes this Surface twice as fast as its predecessor (it also has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage). If you have a heavy-duty semester and are spending a lot of time on your computer, this laptop is in keeping with your comfort, with its comfortable Alcantara palm rest and a glass trackpad that is 20% larger. In addition, there are Omnison speakers for good sound and USB-C port for charging convenience. With top-tier performance, this is a laptop for someone who provides productivity.

Dell 13 xps – $ 850, $ 950 was

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Compared to something like the HP Pavilion, the Dell XPS 13 is a big jump in price, but also in machine quality. First of all, there is a 10th generation IntelĀ® Core i5-10210U processor (6MB Cache, up to 4.2 GHz), which means we are getting a great deal of processing power. Notably a compact, 13-inch screen featuring an incredible Infinity Aided display (lower range than before, so you can enjoy your 8 million pixels in all of your 4K Ultra HD glory). It also has superior 400-night brightness, which allows you to see great photos in any light, including outdoor. It’s got a Thunderbolt 3 multi-use Type-C port for thunderclap charge and data transfer, it responds up to 14 feet away from your voice, and get this: the battery lasts an amazing 19 hours. The Dell XPS 13 is the most powerful laptop money can buy in the 13 inch square, so if you’re looking for something in miniature, this might be for you.

Apple MacBook Air – $ 950, was $ 1,000

Macbook air 2020 display
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No fuss and beautiful too. Apple’s legendary beauty doesn’t just make the MacBook Air beautiful, it matches truly innovative and progressive workings, ideal for graphic designers, aspiring artists and really anyone who doesn’t want to risk it with their laptop . These machines are stress-free. Apple tends to correct things for the first time. In terms of setup and software, we find that Apple requires less fussing, fixing, and tension. They are also better at viruses, privacy and malware. Although they are more expensive and not customizable, they break less frequently than PCs, and upgrading software is a cinch. Dare measures up to other PCs in this price class: Intel Core i5, 8GB memory, 128GB solid-state drive. But that is not why you are not buying this MacBook. You want the ease and peace of the MacBook, and we don’t blame you.

How to choose a laptop for school

Chances are, your laptop is the thing with which you will spend the most time in school, especially now. It is a device, a teacher, an entertainment system, a library; This is a lot for a machine, so we want to help you choose the best one for you. Ask yourself what you are using for this. If a lot of your work is about writing papers or crunching numbers, a simple, easy-to-use Chromebook or HP Pavilion may be necessary for you. These computers come with an excellent camera, processor, and screen, so it may not have the level of clarity of a MacBook, which you won’t notice when you are chilling with Netflix. Now, if your work is the most visual-intensive, such as a design program or one that requires modeling, or video editing, then you need to pay more attention to graphics capabilities like a MacBook or MacBook Pro. Other things to consider are battery life (especially if you want to work from outside, or a cafe or public place where there are not always plugs), and things like storage. For example, if you primarily use Google Sheets and Docs, or cloud computing, then you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a computer with hundreds of gigas of storage. Alternatively, if you are a gamer and have a significant portion of your leisure time at school, you may need more room (and faster processors).

Feeling a bit different? We have completed all the best sales of the school.

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