1615357444 apples iphone 12 mini faces production cut report says

Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini Faces Production Cut, Report Says

Apples iphone 12 mini faces production cut report says

A report on Tuesday stated that Apple is set to cut planned production numbers of its iPhone handsets in the coming months.

The tech firm is reducing orders for all its iPhone models by some 20% compared to its plans in December, sources familiar with the development told the Nikkei Asia news outlet.

The report chimes somewhat with comments from a JP Morgan supply analyst in February, who suggested that Apple might dig up its smaller phone when the iPhone 13 launches later this year, as apparently compared to Apple Has become less popular with customers.

As reported by Nikkei, Apple last year instructed its Asia-based suppliers to have enough components and parts to cover up to 96 million handsets to cover the iPhone (including the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE models) for the first half of this year. Receive.

Cupertino, California-based Apple is now looking to produce about 75 million iPhones during the first six months of 2021, the report said, though that figure could increase for the second half of the year as the company approaches the launch of the iPhone 13 Rises, perhaps in decline.

“The biggest revision is for components and parts for the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Mini,” said Nikkei, noting that some of Apple’s suppliers are specifically looking to temporarily discontinue parts for $ 699 Mini. Has been asked for

Sources said demand for the larger iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max devices remains relatively strong and so the production number changes for those particular phones are quite small.

The iPhone 12 Mini caused the biggest buzz among the latest iPhone models when they launched the handset’s pocketable size, cheap price tag, and full feature set in hopes of making the device a big seller.

But it seems that some customers have been barred by critics from complaining about battery life, and feel that the smaller display was too cramped.

Recent reports, including Nikkei, certainly suggest that the smaller phone has not quite landed with the way Apple had anticipated customers, prompting the company to cut production.

Now the big question is whether Apple will launch iPhone 13 Mini or will stop production of handset completely.

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