1615785529 apple to ditch its homepod smart speaker but stay with

Apple to Ditch Its HomePod Smart Speaker but Stay With Mini

Apple to ditch its homepod smart speaker but stay with

Apple will stop selling its HomePod smart speakers and instead focus on a smaller version of the device.

The company confirmed its decision by ClearTips, stating that a larger version of the smart speaker will be available until supply runs out.

The tech giant said in a statement, “We are discontinuing the original HomePod, it will remain available when supplied through Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Store and Apple Authorized Resellers.” “The HomePod Mini has been a hit since its first last fall, offering customers amazing sound, an intelligent assistant and smart home control … We’re focusing our efforts on the HomePod Mini.”

The company said it would continue to provide service and support to HomePod customers through software updates as well as Apple Care.

Apple launched its first Siri-capable smart speaker in early 2018, and praised its design and sound quality in early reviews, with the hefty $ 350 asking price (now up to $ 299) proving prohibitive for many shoppers, Some of which started with a better priced speaker than the likes of Amazon or Google.

The HomePod did not make for the best start, either, when some customers complained that the base of the speaker stained some surfaces.

The launch of the HomePod Mini towards the end of last year is a far more attractive proposition for customers looking for Apple-built smart speakers.

Coming in a much more compact design that still looks attractive, the Mini has the same features as its older sibling but costs just $ 99. A digital trend article comparing the two devices suggests the Mini as a great entry-level option for those in the world of smart speakers, accepting the superior sound quality of the larger HomePod.

But make no mistake – the Mini is still no shortcoming in the audio department. In an in-depth review of Apple’s lousy smart speaker, notes that the device “doesn’t disappoint for its size, producing enough mids and highs that don’t get out of the lows. In fact, on volume and crank The attention becomes more pronounced when the volume is cranked up – it never touches with them, nor does the bass ever strain the sound. “

If you are in the market for a new smart speaker and want to learn more about the best devices for different situations and scenarios, be sure to check out this digital trends article that is all you need to know.

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