Announcing the 2021 beautyforall awards the best in skincare cosmetics scaled

Announcing the 2021 #BeautyForAll Awards: The Best in Skincare, Cosmetics, Fragrance + More

Illustration by Alexis A.K.

This is the most amazing time of the year – when we officially announce the winners of our #BeautyForAll award. this year, Fashion Celebrates the 20th anniversary of the annual awards, in which we test hundreds of cosmetics and select the best in each category. This year, we called a diverse group of beauty experts to choose this year’s winning products. Out of hundreds of entries, our judges narrowed it down to 72 winning products, which they couldn’t get enough of.

This year, the categories were revised from previous years and we are proud to present six gender-neutral categories: hair care, body care, skincare, fragrance, clean and cosmetics. Before we move on to the winning products, we invite you to meet the incredible panel of judges below.

Meet our judges


Now, without further ado, we present the winners of FashionThe 20th annual #BeautyForAll Awards.

hair care

Can not go to the salon? These 20 pics, for every hair type and need, trick should be done. These are shampoos and conditioners, styling products and equipment that seriously impress our judges.

Care of skin

During the epidemic, skincare sales surpassed makeup sales in Canada for the first time, leading to increased interest in the category that skyrocketed. With this in mind, check out the best moisturizer, cleanser, serum (and so much more) on the market.

body care

From SPF to self-tanners, shaving products to hand creams (and everything in between), these are the standout body care products of this year – just for summer.


It is no secret that the cosmetics industry is booming as before. New makeup launches are a daily occurrence, which can make shopping for a new holy grill kajal, eyeliner or lipstick a hefty task. Luckily, our judges were up for the challenge and selected those you should have shared.

Fragrance and clean

Fragrances are some of the most subjective and personal beauty products on the market, but these victorious pics impressed all of our judges. In addition, complete a product that truly gives to our panelists, thanks to their focus on clean innovation.

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