Android 12 gets biggest design change in years whats new

Android 12: Release date, beta download, new features and everything else we know right now


Google gave Android 12 an attractive redesign.


Android users finally got a good look at Google’s latest operating system, Android 12 Google i / o Developer Conference on Tuesday. Now available as a public beta, Android 12 marks the OS The biggest design change in years, Complete with customizable color palettes, update notifications, and fast, battery-saving performance. And we have a pretty good idea of ​​when the final version will generally be available for download.

Here’s everything we know about Android 12 right now, based on the features we’ve seen in the public beta, and when we expect it to be available to everyone. (If you are an Apple user, here you are All rumors about upcoming iOS 15 updates.)

Android 12 release date: what to expect

While Google showed Android 12 this week, it did not announce when the OS would normally be released. But we still have a good idea, as Google usually releases the final version of a major Android update around August or September. Android 11 Arrived on September 8, 2020, and Android 10 Launched on September 3, 2019. When it arrives, as always, it will be a free download for Android users.

Can I download Android 12 public beta now?

The first Android 12 public beta is now available for download for some devices, including Google Pixel phones (Here’s how to download Android 12 public beta) Previously, it was available to developers as a developer beta.

However, note that beta versions are not final, and are usually bugs – for most people, we usually recommend waiting until the close of the final release to download the OS. However, if you want to try it sooner, you should install the beta only on a tester device and not your main device in case of problems.


Android 12 public beta is available for download right now.


How do I download Android 12 once it is generally available?

As is usually the case with majors Android update, How and when you get the update depends on who makes your device, such as Google, Samsung, OnePlus or Xiaomi. But usually, once the update starts, you will go here System> Advanced> System update> Check for update.

Which devices will be compatible with Android 12?

With the huge number of Android phones available, it is difficult to list all those that will support Android 12 update. But in general, you can expect Google Pixel 3 and later Samsung’s new phones to be compatible with Android 12. , Huawei, LG, Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo and other manufacturers. The website GetDroidTips has collected an extensive list of devices that are expected to be compatible with Android 12.

Google's pixel 5 smartphone

You can download Android 12 public beta on your Google Pixel 3A and later versions.

Stephen Shankland / ClearTips

What new features are included in Android 12?

Android 12 is a major update to OS Many new features. Here are some of what we have seen so far in the public beta and during the Google I / O keynote.

App Privacy Features

With Android 12, Google is adding many new privacy features to apps to provide you with more transparency and control. A privacy dashboard helps you prevent apps from collecting unwanted information, and turns off your camera and microphone in all apps. (Here it is How to use Android 12’s new app privacy features.)

However, it’s worth noting that these policies are less strict than Apple’s recent iOS 14 software release, which includes the app “Nutrition label“Which tells people what personal data their apps are collecting, and new changes to it IOS 14.5 That Developers are required to ask for permission To gather your data and track you on apps and websites.

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Android 12 beta hands-on


Redesigned notifications

Google is changing their design to make notifications more modern and functional. When you tap on a notification, it will take you directly to the app or action you want to take, rather than going through an intermediary service to initiate that action. This should make everything run faster.

Custom Color Theme for Pixel Phones

On Google pixel Phone, when you choose your wallpaper, a feature called color extraction will update the entire system including your lock screen, widgets and notifications with custom complementary colors.

Double-tap option

one more New feature Allows you to tap a specified number of times on the back of your Android phone to trigger an action of your choice. Once you enable it in Settings under Gestures, you’ll see a list of tasks you can set, such as taking screenshots, playing and pausing media, or launching Google Assistant.

One-handed mode

It appears that Android 12 includes some design changes that make it easier to operate Android phones with one hand and your thumb. XDA Developers noted that the updated Settings UI moves the search bar under the display for easy one-hand access. It also revealed a new feature called “Silky Home” that makes the entire interface more suitable for one-handed use.

Google pixel 5

A new Android 12 feature will make it easier to use your phone with one hand.

Juan Garzon / ClearTips

Face-based autorotate

Today, you can rotate the portrait or landscape of your phone and the screen will adjust with you. With Android 12, on Pixel phones, it appears that you’ll be able to autorotate depending on how you turn your head – for example, if you’re lying down, according to 9to5Google.

Garbage and Recycle Bin Management

According to XDA developers, Android has a hidden recycle bin / trash feature that Google can allow you to manage with Android 12. It looks like you will be able to see how much storage space your trashed items take up, and clear the trash as needed.

For more information see Three great things Android 12 will be able to do that Android 11 cannot And this Best Android Phones to Buy in 2021.

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