Android 12 gets biggest design change in years whats new

Android 12 gets biggest design change in years: What’s new and different for your phone


Google gave Android 12 an attractive redesign, unveiled at Google I / O 2021.


Google’s Android 12 operating system, fully unveiled Google i / o The developer conference Tuesday represents the biggest design change in the history of the OS, complete with a personalized color palette, updated notifications, and faster, battery-saving performance.

During the Google I / O Keynote, Samir Samat, vice president of Android, said that there are now more than 3 billion active Android devices worldwide. Now available as a public beta (here it is How to download android 12) And a. with The general release is expected around September, The new features of Android 12 may vary depending on your device. On Google Pixel phones, when you choose your wallpaper, a feature called color extraction will update the entire system including your lock screen, widgets and notifications with custom complementary colors, Samat said.

Another part of the redesign includes more fluid motion, animations, and responses to your touch. You’ll get an always-on display, and more adaptive notifications – for example, when you dismiss them on the lock screen, the clock will look bigger, so you know you’re stuck.

Many under-the-hood improvements promise to speed up your phone and save battery life, including reducing the CPU time required for core system services by up to 22% and large core usage by system servers by up to 15% Is included. Samat said.

The notifications are also refreshed to give you a better view at a glance. The Quick Settings bar also gets an update, and now includes Google Pay and Home Control as well as more customizations so you can keep everything you need in one place, which is easy to access.

When you press the power button, you will trigger a Google Assistant to help you make a phone call, ask a question, or read the article out loud.

For more information, see How to use Android 12’s new app privacy features, and Best new android 12 features.

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