Amazon Echo Studio review: Gorgeous Bass Meets 3D Sound

“This speaker takes the Echo brand’s audio quality to a whole new level.”

  • Class-leading bass
  • Sleek and simple setup
  • Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio Support
  • Big sound
  • All Alexa is smart
  • The middle border is occasionally muffled
  • Brittle touch for lightweight devices
  • 3D music still in limited supply

Amazon’s new Echo Studio smart speaker is not good – many times, it is simply awesome. This is one of the few smart speakers you can buy that actually competes with the Sonos One. In part, by offering these impressive features, you do not find it in any other smart speaker on the market, the least of which is the surprising inclusion of Dolby Atmos support.

Even keeping Echo Studio in the same sentence as to how far Amazon has come in the last few years proves that. With products like Studio and the new Echo Buds, Amazon has proved that it can no longer be left with audio conversations. The move to the premium range has established its reputation as a serious contender for audiophiles.

Amazon echo studio review: gorgeous bass meets 3d sound
Amazon echo studio review

In fact, with the studio’s 3D soundstage and the new Amazon ecosystem to feed it, Amazon is starting its own conversation that other speaker manufacturers are sure to join. In a way, it seems that Amazon is setting the trend this time when it comes to premiere smart speakers.

Roll out the barrel

Resembling a large CD feeder with a large, round body and sliced ​​through the base, Echo Studio strikes a unique profile. It is not closed in any way, and its acoustic fabric exterior provides some cachet, but it is by a large margin larger than the Sonos One and Apple’s HomePod. The familiar Echo LED halo on the topside of the studio is actually enough to fit an angel’s head.

There is a good reason for the size of the studio. It is loaded with hardware, including a dual 2-inch driver, a 1-inch tweeter at the front, and a 5.25-inch down-firing woofer to blast the bass. There is another 2-inch driver on board. This helps to create upward hemisphere immersion in one hemisphere, for which 3D sound formats such as Dolby Atmos and Sony’s new 360 reality audio systems are prized. More on that later.

Amazon echo studio review gorgeous bass meets 3d sound

The studio’s circular topside is the control key, which includes an action button to manually call Alexa (if you don’t want to call the speaker with the “Alexa” command), volume keys, and my personal favourite, a silent one. The key turns that rainbow-blue Alexa LED Darth Vader red, assuring the speaker is not listening to you.

As with a natural spread to allow listening devices in my home, Red Circle is a relaxed reminder that my conversation is safe. It is also part of an ongoing effort by Amazon to restore confidence in its conscience.

Like all Echo speakers, a microphone array within the cabinet allows voice activation via the voice command “Alexa” (or some other signals) while also allowing the speaker’s sound signature to be adjusted wherever it is placed. Is.

Ready, set, stream

Sonos have long been the undisputed king of simple speaker setups that have real competition. Seriously it would not be easy to set up a studio. Sorry, Sonos. They have learned it from watching you.

After installing the Alexa app on your phone, follow the on-screen instructions, and you’ll be streaming in no time. You can quickly add your favourite streaming service, including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal and of course, Amazon Music (among others).

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It is not just the setup that is intuitive. Amazon’s Alexa app makes it easy for a multi-speaker speaker system, from an echo subwoofer to other echo speakers, to adjust basic audio preferences, control playback, and connect to other devices.

1594065569 921 amazon echo studio review gorgeous bass meets 3d sound

Again, the app feels a lot like Sonos, making it easy to use and, in my experience, much more stable and intuitive than Google Home. I also like the fact that you can easily connect to Studio from other apps, including Spotify Connect, unlike Sonos products.

There are more ways to connect than just Wi-Fi. The Echo Studio offers a Bluetooth connection in a pinch, and on the back of the speaker, you’ll find a dual-use 3.5mm / Toslink optical connection to connect to a TV or other device.

You can, unfortunately, decode Dolby Atmos movies over optical connections, but there is a workaround. If you’ve got a new Fire TV device, you can add Studio to stream Dolby Atmos content from select apps.

This is a particular use case and means that you cannot currently get Atmos to the speaker from the largest source; 4K Blu-ray. Nevertheless, while you can certainly set up Echo Studio as a soundbar surrogate, this is not the best way to use it for your money. In addition, Amazon has other plans for its new 3D speakers.

Talk of Alexa

Before we move on to audio goodness, it’s only worth talking about Amazon’s Echo line, including studios, for those new to the world of smart speakers. From adding and controlling a smart home system to checking the weather, shopping and other smart home skills, there is a lot. In fact, the Alexa app has a whole gamut of new and old skills to try.

These include controlling the speaker’s playback with your voice, which is simpler and works better these days than a year or two ago. The speaker has some stuttering when through his paces, even with the music blasting. Using Spotify, the studio found out what I wanted to hear, more often than not.

Amazon echo studio

As part of the Echo family, the studio can also perform most third-party Alexa speakers, such as making intercom calls throughout your home on your Echo collection. However, Sonos One can speak both Alexa and Google.

Amazon Music stepped up.

You can’t talk about Echo Studio without mentioning Amazon Music, as both parts are critical to Amazon’s plan cuts led by Spotify and Apple Music.

Earlier this fall, Amazon announced adding high-resolution music to its subscription music service for just $ 5 extra. The price of all such competing services is underestimated, while Apple and Spotify do not include anything.

Important for our purposes, the select songs are mixed (or remixed) in Dolby Atmos and 360 reality audio, with “millions” of tracks at 24 million / 192 kHz resolution. Dolby and Sony appear to be leading the way, adding major studio involvement to their new plans.

360-degree chills

The biggest question I posed was simple after Amazon revealed Echo Studio to their most recent Alexa product Aquagwanza. What does Dolby Atmos mean in Smart Speaker?

Most Atmos systems surround you in a barrage of speakers to create 360-degree audio effects, including at least two up-firing speakers to bounce the sound off the roof. Even the mention of Atmos for a moderately smart speaker sounds daunting. But after tracking some tracks available on Amazon Music (which thankfully have a designated 360-audio playlist), I can be impressed with this speaker.

It has given me something that I had never taken with $ 200 worth of hunk plastic. Chills

The first song I drew was Elton John’s, Rocket Man. At first, it was echoing above the speaker like a sound aura. But as the song went up, the tune’s spacey scents began to expand from the top of the speaker and out of the walls, finally blossoming into a cloud of swirling sound in front of the room.

Although the studio didn’t completely submerge me, it gave me something that I have never done with $ 200 worth of hunk plastic: chill.

Stage vs Signature

While side and up-firing drivers are paramount to the studio’s 360 tracks, the speaker’s best asset for daily listening should be its powerful, authoritative bass. Any major speaker can get boomy in any of Google’s most prominent examples. But the studio’s bass is not big yet. It is clean, tight and well-controlled.

The second song on Amazon’s 360 playlists was Ariana Grande’s 7 rings, And while I’m not a grand superfan, I was influenced by the chorus, Jackhammer-Bass Studio, reproduced as a beat hit in the chorus. That catchy bass combined with a 360 soundstage for a great ride throughout the game.

Amazon echo studio

That said, the studio is not perfect. Due to just a tweeter upfront, the speaker has little trouble when it comes to providing detail and clarity in the middle order, especially on vocals. When light mixers are fed, they can also be tinny in triplets.

In that regard, it also replaces the Sonos One and Apple’s HomePod. This is evident when you move away from the 360 ​​and higher-resolution tracks. And let’s face it, most of us cling to compressed music when it comes to daily listening.

You can tolerate more mid-clarity by turning off the studio’s stereo spatial enhancer, which actually suffers midrange on some tracks. Still, it also brightens the upper registers, sometimes in an unpleasant way. I found that returning the treble in settings helped.

Despite this, the studio’s sound signature has a seat for the smooth, rich and detailed sound of the Sonos One. In addition, the studio’s 3D effects are dependent on your living room setup (especially your walls and ceilings), and 3D mixes are currently limited. On the other hand, the soundstage and bass of the Sonos One are both more restrained and compact than that of Sprangling Studios.


Amazon’s Echo Studio offers a one-year limited warranty, and you can purchase an additional year.

Try these new features.

Alexa is just getting smarter, thanks to frequent updates that extend her toolkit. While some basic features you should definitely know about, there are new tricks that become available every month. You can try the following with Amazon Echo Dot with the watch.

Group conversations for all your devices

It can be challenging to get someone’s attention in another room, especially if you have children who regularly crank music in their room. You can now conduct group conversations using Alexa’s drop-in feature, where you will be able to connect to other Echo devices. Essentially, it is similar to an intercom system.

Get your reminders on all devices.

You can always keep up to date with your reminders for a new feature that will play them across all your Alexa devices. To enable this, you need to select “Announcement on all devices” under Settings> Reminders within the Alexa app.

Daily Music Pick

Tired of the same playlist or song carousel on your Alexa device? Then check out the daily music taking feature that will provide daily music recommendations from Amazon Music. All you have to say is “Play Alexa, Daily Music Pick”, and a new artist will automatically select a song, album, or playlist.

Could you take us?

Amazon has delivered the best smart speaker on its promise, offering a new way of listening by combining it with Amazon Music. Add best-in-class bass and solid sound to the board, and the Echo Studio is one of the most attractive new smart speakers on the market.

Is there a better option?

For Amazon speakers, no. And if you want to dip your toes into the world of Atmos Music, this is also your best speaker choice. It also costs $ 200. If you’re looking for a more well-rounded, everyday speaker with the versatility of Google and Alexa (and a more balanced sound signature), the Sonos One is the obvious choice.

Although there has been no drop in its price since the release last fall, it indicates that Amazon currently offers a bundled package, a Free Philips hue bulb.

How long will this last?

The speaker appears to be well built and has also received advanced decoding for 3D audio formats that are just beginning to take shape. कुछ भी हो, यह अपने समय से थोड़ा आगे है।

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