Alexa Care Hub Helps Keep Families Connected

During the fallout event of Amazon, the company announced a new, useful feature: the Alexa Care Hub. Alexa makes it possible to stay connected with loved ones from far away for calling, drop-ins, and more, but until now there was no dedicated way to monitor them.

Alexa Care Hub makes it possible for two users to create a connection between their accounts that makes them emergency contacts to each other. If something happens, they can say, “Alexa, call for help,” and you will be notified wherever you are. This is a better option than just a phone call thanks to Echo’s far-field microphone.

Once the Care Hub is established, you will be able to use the interaction with all of your loved ones’ Echo devices, or other connected smart device devices. This lets you know what they are doing and which room of the house they are in. You can set a feature to alert you if an activity is not detected until a certain time of day.

Alexa care hub

At a time when people are separated for security reasons, Care Hub is a great option to stay connected that allows you to check up on loved ones without violating your privacy. While the Care Hub is not the same as seeing someone in person, it can provide peace of mind when you have elderly parents or relatives who live alone.

This is not Amazon’s first focus in the world of health-focused devices. The company has introduced several connected products such as Halo, a fitness tracking band. Amazon also purchased Pilpack in 2018 and focused on Alexa Skills to provide telemedicine to people at home.

Alexa, combined with smart bulbs and other smart home appliances, alone remains safe for the elderly. Instead of wandering through a dark room to find a light switch, all of your loved ones have to ask Alexa to turn on the lights. Although Alexa still cannot call 911, the ability to call a trusted contact for help is one step closer in the right direction. Thanks to Care Hub, you can help those you are away from, even if you are in love.

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