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About us digital trends

Our goal

Using technology and filtering out noise to guide our audience through increasingly complex human worlds.

About digital trends

, the world’s largest independent premium technology publisher, is an award-winning multimedia brand that guides consumers to the best products and services available today – and highlights innovations that will shape their lives tomorrow. With over 6 million social followers and a website that reaches 30 million worldwide, the brand interacts with more than 100 million people per month.

We cover technology for your way of living: not only the gadgets, but the powers that unlock in your life, the story of the people who created them, and the way they make the world outside their window Reopening. Digital trends filter the edge of device and innovation that surrounds us through a human lens that enhances the experience above glasses, promotions and marketing. The rapid pace of change produces an interaction that is always engaging, entertaining and challenging. You do not have time to become an expert. But we will help you feel the same.

About Media Group

Media Group is an award-winning publishing company that has focused media brands for many centuries, including and Español; Men’s Lifestyle Publishing Manual; And many other popular titles. With easy-to-understand reviews and entertaining news and videos, Digital Trend Media Group serves over 125 million unique visitors each month across partners and platforms. The company’s syndication partners include Apple TV, Android TV, ABC News, Roku, Oath, Fire TV, Atmosphere, Dailymotion, and more. Media Group is headquartered in Portland, OR with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit, Toronto and Chicago.

For more information, go to DTMG.co

Meet the editors

writes for people beyond your average tech geek. Many people who don’t care at all about Tech rely on dozens of digital trends writers and editors make for their next iPhone news on how to fix their laptops, and so on. Here are the people who make it possible – and the principles of transparency, equity and integrity that they strive to uphold.

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225 Santa Monica Blvd, 6th Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90401
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tries to meet high standards for everything we do. If you have found a possible error in our content, whether it is a factual error, editorial error, or anything else that needs updating, please let us know!

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