8 curse stories during the World Cup

Losing an interleague match in the Center region is one thing, but being cursed in the World Cup is immediately more complicated…

The whole country is counting on you (even the super dumb people who still confuse penalties and free kicks), but fate is beating on the team, hard blow. Brace yourself for these horrifying football curse stories.

1. The impossible 8th victory for the Mexicans

7 times in the World Cup, it’s since 1994 that Mexico always manages to qualify for the 8th finals, but doesn’t go any further in the competition (as soon as it gets serious, there’s no one left).

The “quinto partido” so 5th game in Spanish, (I did Spanish LV3) has even become an expression that scares children there.

So after 7 World Cups, defeats in the 8th round, and the cursed 5th match, 7, 8 and 5 are banned numbers that should not be pronounced. A bit boring to count.

2. Brazil, 5 stars, but never at home…

In Brazil, it’s an understatement to say that football is a religion, this country has seen the birth of ball geniuses like Pelé or Ronaldo (the real one, not CR7) and yet… he lost twice at home, in front of thousands of Disappointed Brazilians…

The first in 1950 (ok it was a long time ago, but the wound is still open) against Uruguay in the final. The second time we remember was in 2014… in the quarter-finals against Germany where the seleçao (I did Portuguese LV4) was humiliated badly by taking a 7-1 in the face.

3. The Netherlands, eternal second (like Claude from Koh Lanta lol)

First in 1974 then in 1978 (twice in a row, it’s hard), the Netherlands will still lose in the final in 2010 against Spain.

It’s sad because nobody cares about the Netherlands when the guys have made three World Cup finals… but unfortunately we never remember the eternal seconds.

4. Suarez’s Hand of the Devil

Ghana is the 3rd African country in history to qualify for the quarter-finals of the World Cup (after Cameroon in 1990 and Senegal in 2002), and they were on course to reach the semi-finals at the edition of 2010. Ghana was then playing the semi-final against Uruguay, and the match was very close. But the result is decided when the Uruguayan Suarez thinks he is the goalkeeper and voluntarily stops the 2-1 goal with his hand.

Ghanaians will inevitably call this gesture “the hand of the devil” when Uruguay will worship Suarez for his act of bravery…

I’ll let you decide, but for me this guy has no soul (and he bites people too).

5. The curse of the defending champions (spoiler: we are part of it)

France in 2002, Italy in 2010, Spain in 2014 or even Germany in 2018 which was outright beaten by South Korea (2-0 in addition)… all these countries were beautiful during their first victory but were badly ejected 4 years after their title, without even passing the first round of the world cup.

Let’s just hope the curse ends for 2022 in our case…

6. A big bad luck for Ivory Coast in 2006

The Elephants, as they are called in the jargon, qualified 3 times for the World Cup without ever passing the first round…

And when the team finally manages to qualify, it really has no pot: from their first participation in 2006, the Ivory Coast finds itself in the same group as the Netherlands (3 World Cup finals ) and Argentina (twice world champions), too cool to start!

7. Johnny Warren, Australian footballer thinks a wizard put a spell on his team (for real)

In his autobiography, Johnny Warren, Australian football legend (“legend”, “football” and “Australian” being in fact incompatible words) returns to a somewhat bizarre story of witchcraft. The Australian team would have had recourse to a wizard in the 1960s. The guy would have cast a spell on them, which would explain why from the 1970s Australia did not qualify for the World Cup…

UGH OK, basically they just don’t assume they suck (stay on the rugby guys).

8 curse stories during the world cup
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 4.0): Lucia Hou GG Studios & Latin Australian Times Photographer

8. And if not all these players who have never won a world cup in their career (Messi, CR7, Cruyff and so on)

And yes I say it loud and clear but we don’t remember enough that NI Messi (7 golden balls), NI Ronaldo (5 golden balls), NI Cruyff (3 golden balls) have never won World Cup… Like what.

As they say, it is in great moments that you recognize great men.

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