70 Beautiful Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs (2022)

Cherry blossom tattoos


Some tattoos are beautiful; others are symbolic and make a powerful statement about your thoughts and feelings. And then there is the cherry blossom tattoo which does both. This pretty pink bloom is the unofficial national flower of Japan. It symbolizes Japanese beauty and pride, but it is also associated with life, impermanence, and love. For many, a cherry blossom tattoo is a reminder of how nothing lasts forever and encourages the wearer to celebrate each day. The flower lends itself well to various styles, including a realistic portrayal or the Japanese tattoo technique. Combine other imagery to alter the meaning or focus on only the blossom; this is one design that is bound to inspire you. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about cherry blossoms.


Cherry Blossom Tattoo Meaning 

The cherry blossom is the unofficial flower of Japan and is celebrated for its beauty. It blooms for such a short period, lasting for only a few weeks before they fall, and because of this, the flower is rich in symbolism. The cherry blossom represents many things, including life, renewal, goodness, and love, and serves as a reminder of how fragile life is. It can be tattooed as motivation to seize every day and live it to its fullest. Plus, it can remind the wearer to appreciate their life. The meaning can be altered by adding other imagery to your tattoo, with popular choices including butterflies, dragons, and koi fish. The flower is often represented as light pink, but there are various colors, including red, yellow, and green.


Cheery Blossom Tattoos

1. Cherry Blossom Back Tattoo

If you want a large and detailed cherry blossom tattoo, the back is an excellent location. It is one of the sexiest parts of the body, and although you will not be able to look at your inking every day, there are several pros to this placement. Back tattoos are popular because they provide enough space to get creative with your body art. The area is also low to moderate on the pain scale because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat, which provide cushioning. Unless you are inking toward bone like the spine or hip, you should not feel much discomfort. Another pro to the back is that it is easy to conceal your body art, making showing it off a more intimate experience.


Cherry blossom back tattoo1


Cherry blossom back tattoo




2. Cherry Blossom Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos are an appealing placement because of their versatility, and they can be easily covered up or shown off when you want. The location is also one of the sexiest parts of the body and is not considered high on the pain scale because of the thick skin, fat, and muscle that provide cushioning. However, the closer you ink toward bone, the more discomfort you will experience. The shoulder is associated with strength and power and is perfect for a small cherry blossom tattoo or a larger, more detailed design that can also appear down the arm and back.


Cherry blossom shoulder tattoo


Cherry blossom shoulder tattoo1


3. Cherry Blossom Branch Tattoo

The cherry blossom is much more than a pretty flower; it is also rich in symbolism. It is associated with beauty, love, and time, and because it is in bloom for such a short amount of time every year, it serves as a reminder to live for each day and be mindful of how fleeting our existence is. If you want a more detailed design, you can also include a branch that is associated with strength and foundation. Compared to the flower, which blooms and disappears, the branch remains. Combining the branch and the blossom can represent the importance of having balance in life. Or it could be symbolic of someone you love who is always supporting and encouraging you; your ink could be a way to honor them.


Cherry blossom branch tattoo1


Cherry blossom branch tattoo


4. Cherry Blossom Dragon Tattoo

Both the cherry blossom and the dragon have great importance in Japan. The dragon tattoo represents good luck, balance, and power in Japanese folklore. Including a cherry blossom can add to the meaning of your piece, as it is associated with the passing of time, love, and beauty. Together, they often represent how you need to remain strong despite what you experience in life. Or that beauty and life are temporary and to enjoy each moment. Combining these two designs makes for a thought-provoking piece, which will look best when completed in colored ink. Depending on your interpretation of the imagery, you can experiment with different colors, sizes, and combinations.


Cherry blossom dragon tattoo


Cherry blossom dragon tattoo1


5. Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are bold, bright, and make a statement. The style is expressive and often based on Japanese folklore or tradition. With the importance that the cherry blossom has to Japan, including being the country’s unofficial national flower, it is a design that lends itself well to the Japanese style of tattooing. The vibrant pink of the cherry blossom makes it an eye-catching tattoo and symbolic design. The color is associated with female power, beauty, and good health. The cherry blossom represents the passing of time and is a reminder of how fragile our existence is. Alternatively, you could opt for imagery representing Japan, like an Imperial palace, to show your appreciation for the country or celebrate your heritage.


Japanese cherry blossom tree tattoo2


Japanese cherry blossom tree tattoo


6. Cherry Blossom Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos are a popular choice for men and women because of their beauty and symbolism. In general, blooms are associated with growth, life, and love, but each flower has a different meaning. The cherry blossom has one of the most powerful associations, including time, beauty, goodness, and good fortune. It is a beautiful plant, made even more so by its vibrant pink coloring. A tattoo that focuses on the cherry blossom alone would benefit from colored ink to show it in its full glory. There are, of course, many other combinations, including cherry blossoms and a butterfly or the inclusion of a branch or tree. Depending on your preference, there are also several styles, from realistic to Japanese-style tattoos.


Cherry blossom flower tattoo


Cherry blossom flower tattoo1


7. Cherry Blossom Arm Tattoo

Arm tattoos are one of the best placements for body art that you want to be able to look at every day. The visibility of this location makes it appealing for someone who wants to show off their design. Or to be able to regularly look at it and remind themselves of the important meaning associated with it; cherry blossoms are rich in symbolism. It can also be covered up easily with clothing. The arm is considered low to moderate on the pain scale because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat in the area, which provides cushioning. Your cherry blossom design can be small and simple or cover a large portion of the arm; there is enough space to experiment with your design.


Cherry blossom arm tattoo3


Cherry blossom arm tattoo1


8. Cherry Blossom Thigh Tattoo

The thigh is one of the most appealing locations for body art. It is one of the least painful areas on the body to get inked because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat that provide cushioning, but it is also a versatile placement. A thigh tattoo can be shown off or covered up as you wish. The thigh is also a large enough space to get creative with your cherry blossom design, including other imagery, or experimenting with different placements; the top part, the bottom, or the side. The upper thigh can also be a seductive location, drawing the eye toward what is considered one of the more sexy parts of the body.


Cherry blossom thigh tattoo


Cherry blossom thigh tattoo1


9. Cherry Blossom Forearm Tattoo

Another excellent location for your cherry blossom design is the forearm. Forearm tattoos are favored because of their visibility, making it easy to show off your design and giving you the opportunity to look at it every day. But they can also be covered with long sleeve tops, making it one of the more versatile areas of the body to get tattooed. The forearm is relatively low on the tattoo pain chart scale, considered around a three out of ten. This is because of the cushioning in the area, although the outer forearm can result in more discomfort due to the radial nerve. Your design should also heal without issue on the forearm, and it is easy to care for.


Cherry blossom forearm tattoo1 (1)


Cherry blossom forearm tattoo


10. Cherry Blossom Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are not for the faint of heart. They can be agonizing and are considered high on the pain scale chart, and they are also controversial. The visibility of this placement, and the difficulty in covering it up, make the neck a rebellious area for body art. It is for those who want to make a statement and is often associated with toughness, power, and criminality. The stigma of neck tattoos is slowly changing, making it a more acceptable choice for your next tattoo. But it should be a decision you think long and hard about to avoid affecting possible job opportunities. The cherry blossom is associated with goodness, beauty, love, and time, and the contrast of the symbolism associated with this design and the placement can add to its overall appeal.


Cherry blossom neck tattoo 1


Cherry blossom neck tattoo


11. Cherry Blossom Chest Tattoo

If you can withstand the pain of a chest tattoo, it is not hard to see why this is an appealing location for body art. It is a placement that should be reserved for designs that are rich in symbolism because it is tattooed close to your heart, and the cherry blossom is undoubtedly that. It is more than a pretty flower and is associated with several things, including the passing of time, love, good fortune, and the importance of embracing each day and living well. The chest can also be easily covered up and shown off when you want, letting you decide who sees your body art. The downside to chest tattoos is that they can be incredibly painful. This is because of the proximity to bone, thin skin, and general sensitivity of the area.


Cherry blossom chest tattoo1


Cherry blossom chest tattoo


12. Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoo

Foot tattoos do hurt because of the general sensitivity of the area, the proximity to bone, and the thin skin. However, they are a popular placement because it is easy to cover up but is also visible and easy to look at. The foot provides enough space to get creative with your design and is more versatile than the finger or wrist. Unfortunately, tattoos here can present challenges during the healing time as you will not be able to wear footwear to prevent friction and risk irritation or infection. They also fade faster because they will constantly rub against socks and shoes.


Cherry blossom foot tattoo


Cherry blossom foot tattoo1


13. Cherry Blossom Side Tattoo

It is not just your tattoo design and preferred style that you have to consider before getting body art, but also the placement. The right location for your inking will make all the difference, and different areas on the body have pros and cons; these include the pain factor, visibility, and how quickly they fade. Getting inked on the side of your body, either on the rib cage or just below, can be incredibly painful because of the area’s sensitivity. If you are getting a rib cage tattoo, this is among the most painful locations for body art because of the thin skin and proximity to bone. If you are going to get inked here, make sure it is a design that means a lot to you, like the cherry blossom, which is rich in symbolism.


Cherry blossom side tattoo1


Cherry blossom side tattoo


14. Cherry Blossom Tattoo On Wrist

Is there any better placement than a wrist tattoo? Getting tattooed on the wrist is one of the most popular locations because of its versatility and visibility. There are several places to choose from, including the underside or the side, which offer a more discreet placement. The wrist is ideal for small and simple pieces and is a great way to look at your tattoo every day. With a cherry blossom, the rich symbolism associated with the flower often makes for a thought-provoking piece. Looking at it every day can remind you of the importance related to your design. The downside is the wrist can be painful to get inked because of the thin skin and proximity to bone. The good news is that because designs here are small, the pain should be short-lived.


Cherry blossom tattoo on wrist1


Cherry blossom tattoo on wrist


15. Cherry Blossom Leg Tattoo

Low on the tattoo pain chart and incredibly versatile, leg tattoos are an appealing location for your cherry blossom design. It is an area on the body that can be shown off easily but can also be covered up with clothing. There is a wide range of options for where on the leg you get inked, and pieces on the upper leg are easier to conceal. There is also enough space to get creative with your design, which could be a branch or a combination of imagery, including butterflies and cherry blossoms. The leg is considered low to moderate regarding pain because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat that provide cushioning. However, if you are considering a leg sleeve, consider how tattoos closer to the knee will cause extreme discomfort.


Cherry blossom leg tattoo1


Cherry blossom leg tattoo


16. Cherry Blossom Rib Tattoo

There is a definite appeal to getting inked on the ribs because body art here looks incredibly cool. Rib cage tattoos are not for the faint of heart, though, and are one of the most painful areas for body art. This is because of the general sensitivity of the area, thin skin, and proximity to bone. The appeal of this placement is the location can be easily covered, so it is not restrictive to your work environment. Or if you are someone who wants to keep their body art private. Tattoos here are best reserved for truly meaningful pieces because of the pain involved. This could be a single cherry blossom or a large and detailed design that combines imagery to add to the overall meaning.


Cherry blossom rib tattoo1 (1)


Cherry blossom rib tattoo (2)


17. Cherry Blossom Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoos are great for someone who wants a small and dainty design. There are several options for cherry blossom ankle tattoos, including a bracelet or a small branch on the side of the ankle. You can work with your tattoo artist to determine the design and the size; for those who want more space, it could spread over the foot or up the leg. Ankle tattoos do hurt because of the proximity to bone and lack of fat and muscle, which would typically provide cushioning.


Cherry blossom ankle tattoo1


Cherry blossom ankle tattoo


18. Cherry Blossom Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are great for someone who wants body art that is expressive and can tell a story. The design is incredibly creative, combining several images to cover the entire arm; the sleeve starts at the top of the arm and ends at the wrist, as a sleeve of clothing would. These pieces are time-consuming to create and expensive but can be completed in the style of your choosing, from Neo Traditional artwork to realistic pieces. The cherry blossom can be combined with other imagery to add to the overall meaning of your sleeve, including butterflies and bees, or it could be mythological creatures like the dragon. If you want a larger design, a sleeve tattoo is also appealing as you are not restricted because of the space.


Cherry blossom sleeve tattoo1 (1)


Sleeve tattoo


19. Cherry Blossom Spine Tattoo

Spine tattoos make a statement, and they are incredibly cool, but they are also one of the most painful placements. Getting inked on your spine can be high to severe on the pain scale because of the sensitivity of the area and the proximity to bone, and it should therefore be reserved for pieces that are meaningful to the wearer. Another con is if you need a spinal operation or pain medication like an epidural, which is administered into the spine, the risk of infection can be increased with a spine tattoo; you have to be concerned about the ink entering the bloodstream. The cherry blossom represents life, beauty, and love. It is also inked as a reminder to use your time wisely and focus on the importance of living well. The shape of a cherry blossom branch is the perfect option for the spine.


Cherry blossom spine tattoo1


Cherry blossom spine tattoo (1)


20. Feminine Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Feminine cherry blossom tattoos are designs that feel delicate and romantic. They can focus on the pretty pink of the flower and combine other imagery to add to the softness of the piece. This could include butterflies, bees, and other flowers. The combination of colors and your style will also impact the overall appearance. Opting for lighter hues and fine details can help achieve a traditionally feminine appearance.


Feminine cherry blossom tattoo1


Feminine cherry blossom tattoo


21. Masculine Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Masculine cherry blossom tattoos can be a wide range of different designs, but they generally tend to have more distinct lines and slightly darker coloring. They do not feel as romantic and delicate as feminine pieces and can include other imagery to add to the overall meaning. This could be a tree or a dragon, or koi fish. The style you choose will also impact the finished design, and Japanese style tattoos or Neo traditional are an excellent choice for someone who wants a tattoo that feels traditionally masculine.


Masculine cherry blossom tattoo1


Masculine cherry blossom tattoo


22. Watercolor Cherry Blossom Tattoo

One of the most creative styles is the watercolor tattoo. It is a relatively new approach to body art and blends together colors to create a vibrant and eye-catching piece. This style gets its name because it resembles a painting on a canvas, and they are often created without bold black outlines. Detailing on a watercolor tattoo can also be minimal, and there is little shading. The downside to this is that it can fade faster. However, it is a perfect choice for natural imagery, including nature and animals, and the cherry blossom is an ideal choice. This flower is beautiful and rich in symbolism and often represents life and beauty. It serves as a reminder of how fragile and short-lived life can be.


Watercolor cherry blossom tattoo


Watercolor cherry blossom tattoo1


23. Cherry Blossom Butterfly Tattoo

The cherry blossom can be combined with other imagery if you want a more detailed design. The inclusion of other images will also add to the overall meaning, and a butterfly tattoo is one of the most symbolic options. The butterfly is associated with growth, beauty, transformation, and resilience. It can be inked in a wide range of colors and has various forms. Your design can be delicate and feminine or feel modern and unique; the colors and style can enhance this. The cherry blossom represents time and love, among other things, and the symbolism is closely associated with the butterfly; both are reminders that life is short and fragile and to seize each day.


Cherry blossom butterfly tattoo


Cherry blossom butterfly tattoo1


24. Traditional Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The American Traditional tattoo style is a popular technique for those who want body art that is bold and bright. The style is defined by its limited shading, vibrant but limited color palette, and the use of thick black outlines. The artwork often involves several themes, including zoomorphic and nautical, and the cherry blossom will look great. Instead of a realistic portrayal of the flower, this technique creates a more simplistic and almost cartoonish appearance. The bloom may also be red or blue instead of the traditional pink coloring. This is an appealing choice for someone who loves expressive and rebellious ink; it is a style that was once favored by tough guys and those on the fringes of society.


Traditional cherry blossom tattoo1


Traditional cherry blossom tattoo


25. Cherry Blossom Tattoo For Men

Cherry blossom tattoos are great for men and women, and there is a wide range of designs to choose from. If you want something traditionally masculine in appearance, you can opt for darker colors and choose styles like the American Traditional, Neo-Traditional, or Japanese tattoo style. Or you can opt for a geometric approach for something that feels fresh and modern. The cherry blossom is symbolic on its own, but you can add to the meaning and create a more detailed design by including other imagery of your choosing.


Cherry blossom tattoo for men1


Cherry blossom tattoo for men


26. Cherry Blossom Tattoo Black And White

The cherry blossom is typically inked in pink because this is a more realistic portrayal of the flower. The bright hue also makes the design pop against most skin tones and has a soft, romantic feel. If you prefer to stick to the black ink, you can create a high-contrast and equally eye-catching design by using black and white. The white makes more of a contrast to the shading than grey would and can be very effective. However, white fades much faster than black ink. This piece can also be more about what the cherry blossom represents than its design.


Black and white cherry blossom tattoo


Black and white cherry blossom tattoo1


27. Cherry Blossom Tattoo Black And Grey

While many flower tattoos benefit from colored ink, you can also opt for a more classic approach like black and white. Black and grey are the classic color combination and are great for a wide range of designs. The appeal of this color combination is that it fades much slower than colored ink and the pieces retain their shape for longer. It is an excellent choice for someone who prefers a more minimalistic approach to body art and does not like colorful tattoos. You could also combine a colored cherry blossom with a black and grey design to make it pop.


Cherry blossom tattoo black and grey1


Cherry blossom tattoo black and grey


28. Small Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The cherry blossom is a design that looks great when inked on a smaller scale. If you love small tattoos because of their versatility – they can be inked anywhere on the body – then this is an ideal choice. Your piece can be simple and minimalistic or look dainty and feminine. Plus, there is a wide range of styles to choose from. Tiny pieces are also appealing because they often cost less and are completed faster; you do not have to sit for hours enduring the pain of the tattooing process.


Small cherry blossom tattoo1


Small cherry blossom tattoo


29. Simple Cherry Blossom Tattoo

For those who prefer simplicity, a cherry blossom design can reflect this. A simple tattoo is appealing because it focuses on the basics, creating a beautiful and symbolic piece with a minimalistic aesthetic. These designs are often created with clean lines, limited shading, and focus on the basic shapes. Simple tattoos are often done in black ink, but if your piece benefits from color, as the cherry blossom would, you can use color; the key is to limit the palette. These pieces can be of anything, letting you combine several images or keeping them on a smaller scale.


Simple cherry blossom tattoo1


Simple cherry blossom tattoo


30. Koi Fish And Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The cherry blossom is a beautiful flower, but it is also rich in symbolism. It represents the passing of time and is a reminder of how nothing lasts forever. This bloom has a positive association for most people and can make a powerful statement about your thoughts and feelings. You can add to this by combining the cherry blossom with other imagery, which can be anything from natural to mythological. Like the cherry blossom, koi fish also has great importance in Japanese culture. It can represent determination, strength, and perseverance. The colors you choose also add to the meaning of a koi fish tattoo. For example, orange represents wealth and good fortune, whereas red is associated with intense love and desire.


Koi fish and cherry blossom tattoo (2)


Koi fish and cherry blossom tattoo1


31. Neo Traditional Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The Neo Traditional tattoo style is similar to the American Traditional, except it is more modern and less limited. It is a bright and bold choice that makes for a standout design, featuring black outlines and a vibrant color palette. However, the thing that makes this technique different from the traditional is that the tattoos have a greater depth of dimension and detail. There is also no limit on what you can get inked; the cherry blossom lends itself well to this style. The flower is symbolic and important, and this is a great way to let it stand out.


Neo traditional cherry blossom tattoo1


Neo traditional cherry blossom tattoo


32. Red Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry blossom flowers are often depicted as being varying shades of pink, but the blossoms come in various colors, including red. Red cherry blossom tattoos are great for someone who wants a bold and bright design. It has the same meaning and is associated with life, renewal, beauty, and love; the flowers bloom for such a short time before disappearing, reminding us that life is fragile and beauty is fleeting. Red is more saturated and can also represent desire and passion. However, there are risks involved with red ink, and it is the color that is most prone to allergic reactions.


Red cherry blossom tattoo


Red cherry blossom tattoo1


33. Samurai Cherry Blossom Tattoo

If you want a tattoo representing Japan, you can choose several images that are closely connected to the country. The cherry blossom is one and is considered the unofficial national flower of Japan and celebrated as a symbol of beauty and Japanese pride. It also makes a powerful statement about life and impermanence. The Samurai is also symbolic, representing a warrior who is honorable, determined, and loyal. Combining these two images creates a design that is rich in symbolism and will make for a fantastic tattoo.


Samurai cherry blossom tattoo


Samurai cherry blossom tattoo3


34. Cherry Blossom Circle Tattoos

If you want body art that makes a powerful statement about life, a cherry blossom tattoo is a perfect choice. The flower can be designed in various ways, depending on your preference. Some choose to focus on the basics, while others get creative with the imagery they choose, including dragons or koi fish. A thought-provoking addition to a cherry blossom tattoo would be a circle. The circle represents the cycle of life and completion, which is meaning that is closely associated with that of the cherry blossom; the bloom is symbolic of impermanence, renewal, and life.


Cherry blossom circle tattoos1


Cherry blossom circle tattoos


35. Cherry Blossom Bird Tattoo

The cherry blossom looks excellent when combined with other images. Depending on the meaning you want to be associated with your design, it is often best to stick to the imagery of nature; a bird and cherry blossom makes for a symbolic choice. The flower is associated with life, love, beauty, goodness, and impermanence. In contrast, bird tattoos represent freedom and independence, but they also have a mutualistic relationship with the flower. When the cherry blossoms bloom, birds, like blue jays and cardinals, eat them and distribute the excess pollen, which aids the tree.


Cherry blossom bird tattoos


Cherry blossom bird tattoos pinterest1 (1)



Where do you put a cherry blossom tattoo?

Cherry blossoms can be inked big or small, and the size of your design will often determine placement. Among the most popular locations are the leg, arm, upper thigh, and back. These are versatile placements that can be covered up easily and are considered low to moderate on the pain scale chart because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat in the area that provides cushioning.

Is cherry blossom Japanese or Chinese?

Cherry blossoms are Japanese. They are celebrated for their beauty and are considered a symbol of Japanese pride. The bloom is also the unofficial national flower of Japan.

Is it OK to get a cherry blossom tattoo?

There should be nothing offensive about getting a cherry blossom tattoo, and it is a piece that is rich in symbolism. The flower is associated with life, impermanence, love, and goodness. If you choose to combine the bloom with other imagery, this could affect the overall meaning of your design. Consider the other images you include and whether or not they would be considered offensive.

Are cherry blossoms always pink?

Cherry blossoms are typically light pink, but there are variations of pink shades. They also come in red, white, yellow, and green.


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