7 Times Liz Lemon Was the Most Relatable Character on 30 Rock

Good God, Lemon!

To manage the ego of his colleagues, he is always caught in his hair with a little latte from Litti Lemon. 30 rock One of the most trusted characters of all time.

We loved the character, which was iconic and hilarious. Tina FeyThroughout the series, as she struggles to balance her career with a TV series and the performance of dating in her personal life in the big city, it seems that someone we want to be best friends with.

While most women want a man to send them to a drink at the bar, Liz Lemon would like mozzarella sticks. When Liz Lemon walks into one of her ex-boyfriends, she “recklessly” makes sure to see him in full. Which, quite frankly, the same.

Best news? If you’re a Comcast Xfinity Flex or X1 customer, you can relive those moments again and again when Peacock, NBC’s exclusive streaming service, launches tomorrow. 30 rock In the lineup of content available for viewing ASAP.

Until then, we’re rounding down Liz’s most believable moments below!

When he was a little bit of a creeper

Who are those of us who haven’t gone deep into someone’s Instagram or Twitter feed, we think we might have a crush on them and decide that they are clearly our ideals after seeing some common interests Match?

In this episode 30 rock, Is exactly when Liz stumbles upon her neighbor’s mail (played by) John hmm) And decides that he is a soul mate after learning the common interest of pie-making and ice cream machines.

Also, this is John Hamm, so common interests are also needed?

When he was late night munchies

Okay, so you allegedly don’t have to eat after 8:00 pm, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t have a random craving for some chips at midnight.

In this clip, Liz is on the same page, munching down on a cheese grater in the middle of the night. Di, she is doing this while sleeping, but we think that while she is past our bedstime on Ores, we will accept her.

When he saw her for revenge on an ex

Nobody wants to lose a breakup, right? And while it’s petty, we blame everyone for wanting to run into our ex when we just happened to wear our best outfit or after getting a blowout.

The same goes for Liz, who takes full advantage of her show’s production team and gives her perfect lighting and wind to blow through her hair when she gets out of work.

When he said “sick” to work

Epidemic aside, most of us have taken at least one sick day for symptoms that include a lot. big challenge? Making your excuse believable, which unfortunately is for Liz above, is hard to do when your boss catches you in terms of faking it.

When his love language was food

While this is a classic go-to for someone to send you a drink if they are interested in you, we can’t stop laughing (or agreeing) with Liz when she reveals that if she already If she is drinking, she will actually be. Some mozzarella prefer sticks.

When he went on dating

cat? Check. Don’t throw your hair into a cute messy bun? Check. Liz was very confident in this episode where she decides post-breakup that she is done with love and will be cool NCIS Instead of going on any date, one gets rough through it.

When he tried to get a life together

Is it purifying our cupboards after listening My condo Or trying intermittently fasting is ever a new trend that is believed to improve your life, we are usually stopping on board.

In this clip, Liz is lured by the container store and how organizational products can bend her life… even if there is a lie we tell ourselves.

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