50 Wispy Bangs to Change Up Your Look (2022)

Wispy bangs


There are some bangs that are gorgeous but impractical; however, wispy bangs tick all the boxes when it comes to finding a super flattering and incredibly versatile fringed look. These bangs are defined by the delicate strands of hair, creating a piece-y and barely-there effect. The result is softer, lighter bangs that are ideal for all hair textures, including fine hair, and they can be added to the hairstyle of your choice, from romantic braided styles, unstructured updos, and loose waves. These bangs are created to look natural, are low-maintenance, and are a great way to highlight your features. Would you try wispy bangs? Find out everything you need to know about this super cute look.


1. Long Hair with Wispy Bangs


There are many ways to style long hair, making it the perfect choice for women who want to experiment with different hairstyles. Wispy bangs are an ideal option for softening your features and giving you a feminine and youthful finish. These thin strands of hair will draw attention to the face and highlight your eyes.


Long hair with wispy bangs (1)



2. Braided Upstyle with Wispy Bangs

Braided hairdos are fantastic with wispy bangs and look soft and feminine. The barely-there cut of these bangs makes them incredibly versatile and an excellent addition to many different hairstyles. They can also be adapted to suit varying hair lengths and types.


Braided upstyle with wispy bangs


3. Lob with Wispy Bangs

The lob haircut is one of the most classic styles for women. It is slightly longer than the traditional bob, which gives you more variety in how you style your hair. The cut ends around the collarbone and can be adapted to suit your preference, including with wispy bangs.


Lob with wispy bangs


4. Shag and Wispy Bangs

The shag haircut is a 70s favorite and is defined by its heavily layered appearance. It is excellent for achieving depth and dimension and giving the hair movement. For thick hair, it can help reduce some of the weight, while for thin hair, the shag can make the hair appear fuller. Style it with wispy bangs for a stylish finish.


Shag and wispy bangs


5. Boho Braid and Wispy Bangs

You can take boho inspiration for your braided look, opting for a deliberately unstructured style that will create a carefree aesthetic. This style is complemented by wispy bangs, which are low-maintenance and are excellent for softening the features. You can also wear the hair with accessories like floral pins or a twine headband.


Boho braid and wispy bangs


6. Natural Hair Wispy Bangs

Natural hair is beautiful and can be styled in various ways, but to soften your look, you can leave a few strands of hair falling on the face, creating piece-y bangs. The wispy fringe is flattering, incredibly stylish, and can be adapted to suit all styles and hair textures.


Natural hair wispy bangs


7. Wispy Bangs with Ribbon

The right hair accessories can reflect your style and a ribbon is an excellent choice for those who want a cute and youthful finish. You can choose your favorite color to add a little pop of color to your appearance. Choosing a hairstyle with wispy bangs is great for softening the features and giving your hair a textured finish.


Wispy bangs with ribbon


8. Prom Hairstyle with Wispy Bangs

Prom is one of the most memorable events in your high school experience, and finding the right look is essential. For a soft and youthful finish, try an upstyle with wispy bangs. These bangs are a great addition to any hairstyle but especially an updo.


Prom hairstyle with wispy bangs


9. Bridesmaid Hairstyle with Wispy Bangs

If you want to create an effortlessly chic and romantic look for your bridesmaids, consider a hairstyle paired with wispy bangs. Wispy bangs are a fantastic alternative to full bangs and look great on everyone. They are also low-maintenance and ideal for softening the features. You can experiment with the length of the bangs, but brow-grazing bangs are particularly flattering.


Bridesmaid hairstyle with wispy bangs


10. Naturally Textured Hair with Wispy Bangs

For an effortlessly cool and ultra-chic hairstyle, you need wispy bangs. Textured hair is full of bounce and movement, and adding wispy bangs to naturally textured hair will look natural and subtly draw the eye to your features.


Naturally textured hair with wispy bangs


11. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle with Wispy Bangs

There is so much to like about the half up, half down hairstyle; it gives you versatility with styling and can be adapted to suit your hair length and texture. The style is great as it pulls the hair away from the face on the top but leaves the bottom loose, letting you show off your hair texture.


Half up half down hairstyle with wispy bangs


12. Curly Hair with Wispy Bangs

Curly hair is gorgeous and full of movement. It can be styled in various ways, including with wispy bangs. Opting to cut a piece-y fringe with a few strands of hair on the face is incredibly flattering, and this is a style that will soften the features and draw attention to the face.


Curly hair with wispy bangs


13. Straight Hair with Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs can be added to hair of all textures, but on straight hair, they can have the biggest impact. Cutting your hair to have these thin, barely-there bangs can give it more texture. Wispy bangs are low-maintenance, feminine, and look very natural.


Straight hair with wispy bangs


14. Simple Haircut with Wispy Bangs

The appeal of wispy bangs is they can be added to most haircuts and styled in various ways; this includes even the most simple cuts. Adding bangs will give you a youthful appearance and draw attention to your facial features.


Simple haircut with wispy bangs


15. Short Hair with Wispy Bangs

Short hair can look great with wispy bangs, giving the illusion of longer hair without hassle. Keeping the bangs longer on the face can be incredibly flattering, and these bangs are effortlessly cool and feminine.


Short length hair wispy bangs


16. Medium Length Hair Wispy Bangs

Medium length hair gives you the best of both worlds because your hair is long enough to have versatility with how you style it but also short enough that it is easy to maintain. Wispy bangs are a great addition to any haircut and will soften your features.


Medium length hair wispy bangs


17. Wispy Bangs and Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the most effortless updos. It looks great on everyone and can be adapted to suit short or long hair. Wearing the hair up with wispy bangs is incredibly stylish. These bangs are versatile and a great alternative to full bangs because they are easy to wear and universally flattering.


Wispy bangs and ponytail


18. Wispy Bangs and Space Buns

Wispy bangs are created with fine strands of hair that fall on the face. They can be different lengths and vary in thickness, making them an incredibly versatile and effortlessly chic option. They also look super cute with space buns, giving you a youthful finish.


Wispy bangs and space bun


19. Wispy Bangs and Bun

The bun is one of the most adaptable updos and can be worn by women with all hair textures. It can also be styled loose and unstructured for a romantic and carefree aesthetic or pulled tightly for a formal finish. Wearing your bun with wispy bangs is incredibly flattering.


Wispy bangs and bun


20. Passion Twists with Wispy Bangs

Passion twists are a great protective style designed to reduce daily grooming time while preventing friction and breakage. Their wavy appearance makes passion twists stand out, and they are created with Freetress Water Wave hair. They can be styled in various ways, including leaving a few strands of hair around the face to create wispy bangs.


Passion twists with wispy bangs


21. Colorful Wispy Bangs

Choose a bright hair color if you are a woman who likes to stand out from the crowd. This is a fantastic way to show the world your playful side and can make your hairstyle feel more personal. A bold color can also make your wispy bangs more noticeable.


Colorful wispy bangs


22. Split Dye Wispy Bangs

The split dye hairstyle is fun and lets you try two colors simultaneously. This is achieved by adding color to either side of the head. It could be two bright hues, or you can add one artificial color to your natural hair color; the choice is yours.


Two tone wispy bangs


23. Wispy Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are another incredibly flattering and versatile way to wear your hair. The way these bangs are cut on either side of the face creates a face-framing effect, drawing attention to your features. Instead of opting for full curtain bangs, you can create a wispy appearance with delicate strands of hair.


Wispy curtain bangs (1)


24. Wispy Bangs and Layers

Layering is great for giving the hair texture and can create movement. Layers can be added to the hair in various ways, making thin hair appear fuller and thicker while removing weight from thick hair. The unstructured appearance of the wispy bangs will complement your layers.


Wispy bangs and layers


25. Bob with Wispy Bangs

The bob haircut is a classic short hairstyle for women that is popular because of its versatility. It works well with all hair textures and can be styled in various ways, including with bangs. Wispy bangs are a great option for someone who wants to try a fringe but doesn’t want to commit to a full fringe or want something that is less maintenance.


Bob with wispy bangs


26. Romantic Wispy Bangs

The appeal of wispy bangs is how romantic they are. They are great for softening the features and are universally flattering, complementing all hairstyles, textures, and lengths. For a pretty and effortlessly chic look, pair your bangs with a deliberately unstructured look, like a loose braid for beachy waves.


Romantic wispy bangs


27. Ombre Hair with Wispy Bangs

Ombre hair is a technique that blends two colors, keeping the roots darker and the ends of the hair lighter. The color combinations are entirely your choice, from natural hues to more daring artificial colors to make a statement. Keeping your wispy bangs the color of your roots can create a gorgeous contrast with the tips.


Ombre wispy bangs


28. Wispy Bangs Updo

Wispy bangs are feathered toward the end, and these delicate strands of hair create a piece-y and barely-there fringe. This is the ideal option for someone who wants a low-maintenance fringe that is light and soft. The style is complemented by an updo, creating a romantic and ultra-feminine appearance.


Wispy bangs updo


29. Glamorous Curls with Wispy Bangs

If you don’t want to commit to a full fringe, why not try wispy bangs? These delicate strands of hair are ideal for softening the features and can create a romantic finish. They are also incredibly versatile and can be paired with hair off all textures and styled in various ways, including glamorous curls.


Glamorous curls with wispy bangs


30. Fine Hair Wispy Bangs

Fine hair benefits from wispy bangs because they are not a full fringe. Instead, these bangs are created with fine strands of hair, creating an effortlessly chic and barely-there finish that is universally flattering and incredibly easy to wear. This is the ideal option for those with thin or fine hair and will give you a soft, light fringe.


Fine hair wispy bangs


31. Wispy Bangs with Top Knot

The top knot is easy to create but also super stylish. It is made by wearing the hair high on the head but can be adapted to suit your preference, giving you versatility with how you style it. This includes wearing it tight or creating a deliberately undone finish. However you style your top knot, wispy bangs will complement it.


Wispy braids with top knot


32. Fishtail Braid and Wispy Bangs

The fishtail braid gets its name because the pattern, which is intricate in appearance, resembles a fish skeleton. It is a wonderful choice for those with long hair and can be styled to look neat for formal occasions or unstructured to create a soft and romantic finish. Pairing the braid with wispy bangs will complement it and draw attention to your features.


Fish braid and wispy bangs


33. 80s Hairstyle Wispy Bangs

The 80s was a decade of big hair and creating looks that make a statement. It was expressive and fun, and who doesn’t want hair that gives them confidence and makes them feel great? Pairing your voluminous hairstyle with barely-there wispy bangs will create a gorgeous contrast.


80s hairstyle wispy bangs


34. Bandana over Wispy Bangs

The bandana is a versatile accessory that comes in various colors and a paisley print. But they are more than interesting to look at and can give your hair a stylish finish while also helping keep it in place. To create a soft finish, wispy bangs are ideal and ultra-flattering.


Bandana over wispy bangs


35. Unstructured Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are great when paired with a deliberately unstructured hairstyle, creating movement and giving you a romantic and carefree finish. How you style your hair is your decision; this could be in an undone ponytail, a loose braid, or a simple bun. The versatility of this fringed hairstyle means that you are spoiled for choice.


Unstructured with wispy bangs


36. Shoulder Length Wispy Bangs

Shoulder length hair is great for drawing attention to the face, particularly the cheekbones and mouth. The length is also long enough to give you versatility with how you style it; this includes a simple updo or leaving it to fall loose. For a flattering and effortlessly chic finish, add wispy bangs, which will soften your features.


Shoulder length wispy bangs


37. Wolf Cut with Wispy Bangs

The wolf cut has been trending on social media because it is edgy and cool. Defined by its heavily layered appearance, the style is between a shag and mullet, with more volume on top and thinning toward the edges. The unstructured appearance of wispy bangs complements the choppy nature of the cut.


Wolf cut with wispy bangs


38. Wispy Bangs for Over 50

Wispy bangs are great for women of all ages and are incredibly flattering. They can also give you a youthful glow and soften your features. You can wear them regardless of your hair texture, and the bangs can be adapted to suit your preference, including haircut and length.


Wispy bangs for over 50


39. Wispy Bangs and Headband

Hair accessories are a fantastic way to make your hairstyle unique and show a little of your personality because there are multiple colors and prints to choose from. The headband is also practical, designed to keep the hair away from the face and in place. However, choosing to leave a few strands of hair on the forehead, like with wispy bangs, can be incredibly flattering.


Wispy bangs and headband


40. Side Ponytail Wispy Bangs

The side ponytail is an excellent alternative to the classic ponytail haircut and will draw the eye to one side of the face. This simple and effortlessly chic updo can be achieved with all hair textures and medium to long hair. Styling your side ponytail with wispy bangs will add to the glam factor.


Wispy bangs side ponytail


41. Wispy Bangs Boho Hairstyle

The unstructured and deliberately undone appearance of the boho hairstyle complements the natural finish of the wispy bangs. The bangs are also created in pieces and are not full, which creates a soft and light finish that pairs well with a loose braid or beach waves.


French braids wispy bangs


42. Choppy Hair and Wispy Bangs

Choppy hair is ideal for giving the hair texture and creating movement. It can be great for fine hair as the layers create the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. The unstructured appearance of wispy bangs will complement the heavily layered haircut, making this an incredibly flattering pairing.


Choppy hair and wispy bangs


43. Bubble Ponytail Full Wispy Bangs

The bubble ponytail is one of the most fun updos. It is created by adding hair elastics to the length of your ponytail, but you can experiment with the spacing, determining the size of the bubble. This is a great way to keep the hair in place and create a youthful and super cute finish.


Bubble ponytail wispy bangs


44. French Braids Wispy Bangs

The French braid is one of the simplest braided hairstyles, created by sectioning the hair into three pieces, starting from the crown of the head. It is done using the overhand braiding technique and is an incredibly versatile style. This allows you to wear it loose or tight. The hairstyle also benefits from wispy bangs, creating a soft and feminine finish.


French braids wispy bangs


45. High Ponytail Wispy Bangs

The high ponytail is a version of the classic updo that is all about glamor and sophistication. The higher the ponytail, the more dramatic the finish, drawing attention to the hair. It is usually styled with the hair slicked back for a polished look, but adding wispy bangs will create an interesting contrast.


High ponytail wispy bangs


46. Beach Waves and Wispy Bangs

Beach waves are one of the most sought-after hair textures because they look great on everyone. Pair your waves with wispy bangs for a hairstyle that makes you look like a goddess. The delicate strands on the face will draw attention to the features subtly and naturally.


Beach waves and wispy bangs


47. Messy Updo and Wispy Bangs

You can pair wispy bangs with a messy updo for a natural appearance. The unstructured style of the updo and the bangs complement each other and will create a soft and romantic finish. Your updo should be loose and undone but can be anything from a bun to a loose braid.


Messy updo and wispy bangs


48. Pigtails and Wispy Bangs

Pigtails are created by adding a simple ponytail or braid to either side of the head. The result is a super cute and youthful finish that is playful and fun. You can style your pigtails in various ways, including opting for a middle parting or wispy bangs; the choice is yours. However, wispy bangs are universally flattering and ideal for drawing attention to the face.


Pigtails and wispy bangs


49. Wispy Bangs and Scrunchie

If you are looking for a cute look that channels the 90s, then all you need is a simple updo and a scrunchie. The hairstyle will be complemented by soft, light wispy bangs. Scrunchies are a practical and comfortable hair accessory that lets you have some fun with your hairstyle by picking the print and colors of your choosing.


Wispy bangs with scrunchie


50. Wavy Long Hair with Wispy Bangs

Wavy hair is one of the best textures, making even the simplest hairstyles visually interesting. You can add wispy bangs to hair of all textures, lengths, and thicknesses, and these bangs are incredibly flattering and low maintenance. They can easily blend into the wavy texture, creating a youthful and effortlessly chic look.


Wavy long hair with wispy bangs


Whispy Bangs FAQs

What face shape is good for wispy bangs?

Wispy bangs are universally flattering and can be adapted to suit your preference. You can style them with various hair textures and add them to your chosen style, whether that is wearing the hair up or down. However, they do tend to complement those with heart-shaped faces and can also soften sharper features like prominent jawlines. They also look good on those with long faces.

What is the difference between curtain bangs and wispy bangs?

There are several differences between curtain bangs and wispy bangs, although you can opt for a variation of the two. Curtain bangs are cut on either side of the face, parting in the middle, creating a framing effect. They can be cut at varying lengths and easily adapted to suit your preference. Wispy bangs are delicate strands of hair across the face, usually cut to around brow level. They have a very natural appearance and blend into the hair more than curtain bangs. They are soft and light. Both bangs are incredibly flattering.

Do wispy bangs look good?

Wispy bangs look good and are incredibly flattering on most people. They can be easily adapted to suit your hair texture and length and complement a range of hairstyles. Wispy bangs can be worn by women of all ages and are low maintenance because they have a natural appearance.

Can thick hair have wispy bangs?

Wispy hair can be worn by those with thick and fine hair and complements both. For thick hair, the bangs can make the hair appear less dense around the face.


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