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5 Ways the iPad Pro Is Still Better Than a MacBook

Apple is blurring the line between iPad and Mac. With the company’s messaging regarding high-end iPad models they are referred to as laptop replacements and the new iPad is actually not including the same chip as the new Mac, there is no denying that fixing this earlier than ever It is more difficult to know who to go to.

Despite the same processing power, Macs are still In general Thanks to a more capable, desktop-class operating system – MacOS – than iPads. But they are not better for everything. In fact, there are many things that the iPad Pro does better than the Mac.

Video chatting

Apple regularly forgets about the video-chatting camera experience on the Mac lineup, but it regularly pushes updates to iOS and iPadOS devices – such as the AR-powered iContact feature that launched it in 2019 And the new center stage feature which is available in it. New iPad Pro. The center stage works really, really well, taking advantage of the wide view of the front-facing camera to zoom in on your face and as you move.

Of course, the iPad Pro does not have a video-chatting experience best. The main drawback is that, in landscape orientation, the camera sensor is on the edge, which can look a bit strange. But you will find it strange in a much better quality than a Mac.

An incredible performance

5 ways the ipad pro is still better than a

The display quality on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is solid, but not surprising. Ito is Amazing on the iPad Pro, though – especially the 12.9-inch model. The 2021’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro offers Apple’s Liquid Retina XDR display, which leverages mini-LED technology to display deep black levels and excellent brightness, especially when viewing HDR content. There is a clear distinction between the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and other iPad models, and it can really help for those who want something for graphic design or even just watching movies. And this is not to mention the fact that all recent iPad Pro models offer 120Hz refresh rates, making for seamless animations and an incredibly responsive experience.

Better protection

Recent MacBook models have Touch ID, which to be fair is quite convenient. But what is more convenient than placing your finger on the sensor and reaching out? Just being the right face. The iPad Pro has Face ID, which means that all you have to do is unlock your iPad, autofill the password, and so on.

Again, the Face ID experience on the iPad Pro is not perfect. The main downside is that it can be very easy to accidentally cover the Face ID sensor when you are holding the iPad horizontally. But you will eventually get used to not doing so.


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At the risk of beating a dead horse, one of the reasons the iPad Pro is superior to the MacBook is that it supports touch. This helps make the device a more interactive and natural-looking experience. Were not Really Hopefully, Apple will soon release touch-enabled Macs, but as the line between the iPad and Mac blurs, iPads may start to feel like Mac computers anyway.

Multifaceted talent

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Probably the best reason to buy an iPad Pro on a MacBook is its versatility. Now, different devices are more versatile in different ways. Apparently, MacOS, which is a full-blown desktop operating system, is more versatile than iPadOS. But the iPad is still a more versatile device all around. You can use it only as a touch device, or you can use it with a keyboard and mouse to do some work. At this point, with the right stuff, it’s essentially a detachable 2-in-1.

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