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Classic Variety or Talk Show Episodes

“Bisexual Superman Ain’t Ruining Your Childhood, B*tch Please,” amber ruffin show (Peacock)

“Culture Wars! Miscellaneous Pilots and Trans Rights,” The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (comedy Central)

“Elliot Page” Oprah Conversation (Apple TV+)

“Jenny Heigl Examines Why America’s Lesbian Bars Are Disappearing,” Late Night With Seth Meyers (NBC)

“MJ Rodriguez on the historic Emmy nomination and hopes for the future of the trans community,” Scene (ABC)

Outstanding TV Journalism Section

“Capehart Condemns Marjorie Taylor Green’s Transphobic Speech Against Equality Act,” Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart (MSNBC)

“Danica Roem to LGBTQ Americans: You Have to Care About Politics,” state of the Union (CNN)

“HIV/AIDS: 40 Years Later,” Today (NBC)

“McBride on Anti-Trans Bill: ‘This Is Legislative Bullying Plain and Simple,” Stephanie Ruhle reports (MSNBC)

“Valedictorian Says His Graduation Speech Was Cut On Mental Health And LGBTQ Identity,” GMA3: What you need to know (ABC)

Outstanding TV Journalism – Long Term

“Anderson Talks to Legendary AIDS and Gay Rights Activist,” anderson cooper full circle (CNNgo)

“gay panic” this is life with lisa ling (CNN)

“Life After the Pulse” (WESH)

“Mother Gloria” Afropop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange (PBS)

“Pride of the White House” (MSNBC)

“Pride on ABC News Live: What’s Next for the LGBTQ+ Community” (ABC News Live)

“Trans in Texas,” United Shades of America (CNN)

“Trans in Trumpland” (theme)

“Transamerica” ​​(NBC News Now)

“The Week in Pride,” The Week with Joshua Johnson (MSNBC)

outstanding print articles

“Billy Porter Breaks 14 Years of Silence: ‘This Is What HIV-Positive Looks Like Now'” by Billy Porter, as told by Lacey Rose (Hollywood Reporter,

“Books Probed by a Texas Lawmaker by Women, People of Colour, LGBTQ Writers by Talia Richman and Corbett Smith. They Asking: ‘Really?'” ( Dallas Morning News,

“Bowen Yang is Defining Funny for a New Generation” by David Canfield (Entertainment Weekly,

“Diary of an ICE Prisoner” by Yariel Valdés González (Washington Blade,

“Elliot Page is ready for this moment” by Katie Steinmetz (time,

“The Hearts of Venezuela” by Taylor Hirschberg (Outside,

“Inside the Sparkling, Rainbow-Filled World of Jojo Siwa” by Jason Sheeler (People,

“Keeping Trans Kids Away from Medicine Doesn’t Make They Disappear” by Jennifer Finney Boylan (the new York Times,

“MPs can’t cite local examples of trans girls in sport” by David Crary and Lindsay Whitehurst (The Associated Press)

“The Year of the Black Queer Revolution” by Ernest Owens (Rolling stone,

Outstanding Magazine Overall Coverage


Entertainment Weekly




Outstanding Online Journalism Articles

“Across the South, a Trans Housing Movement Grows” by Raquel Willis (VOGUE.com)

As “Anti-Trans Violence Surge, Advocates Demand Policy Reform” by Joe Yurkaba (NBCNews.com)

“Let’s Talk About (Queer) Sex: The Importance of LGBTQ-Inclusive Sex Education in Schools” by David Oliver (USAToday.com)

“Fear of being forgotten since 100 days of LGBT+ Afghan Taliban takeover” by Hugo Greenhall (Openlynews.com)

“Megan Rohrer, The Evangelical Lutheran Church’s First Trans Bishop, Wants to Get Messi” by Nico Lang (them.us)

“No, DaBaby, HIV won’t let you die in 2 to 3 weeks.” Here’s the truth.” by David Artavia (Yahoo.com)

“‘No Time for Intolerance:’ Dr. Rachel Levine Has a Job to Do” by Don Ennis (forbes.com)

“TJ Osborne Is Ready to Tell His Story” by Sam Lansky (TIME.com)

“What I’ve Learned After Living with HIV in Secret for Years” by Toni Morrison (GoodMorningAmerica.com)

“The Word Missing from the West Majority of Anti-Trans Legislation? Transgender” by Orion Rumler and Kate Sosin (19thnews.org)

Outstanding Online Journalism – Video or Multimedia

“+Talk: HIV and Faith” by Carl Schmid, Mike Speerer and Brent Jackie (Plus Life Media)

“caregivers” [series] By Gina Rosero, John Malo, Dan Greenberg, Sheena Alexis Suarez, Erin McIntyre, Chelsea Rug, Quiet Alexander & Victoria Malabrigo (PBS.com)

“Covid Confessions: Drag Performers Share Their Experiences Working During the Pandemic” by Alec Fischer (Fisher Media)

“For Ruth Ellis Center Staff, Helping LGBTQ Homeless Youth Is Personal” by Scott Gatz, John Halbach, Maria Tridas and Emily Geraghty (LGBTQ Nation)

“How Queer Characters Have Evolved in Children’s Animation” by Chris Snyder, Kyle Desiderio, Jess Chow, AC Fowler, and Kuvilleni Hovanga (Insider)

“legendary” [series] Peppermint, by Matt McDonough, Jennifer Tixiera, Michael Seligman, Julia Hoff, Ryan Murray and Ximena Sanchez (now this/Discovery+)

“Meet the Legends: Brooklyn Trans Liberation” (LOGO)

“The Power of Lecia Clarendon” by Katie Barnes, Jennifer Carson-Strauss, Andy Sharp and Jennifer Holt (ESPN.com)

“International” [series] By Eva Reagan, Eliza Enriquez, Freddie McConnell, Vivek Kemp, Courtney Brooks, Sarah Burke, Hendrik Heinzel, Eliza Enriquez, Dan Ming, Trey Strange and Daisy Wardell (Vice News)

“Tyra Banks Interview: SI Swimsuit Cover Model Lena Bloom” (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

outstanding blog

Sacred Bully and Headless Monsters


my wonderful illness

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondent

to compute

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