2022 cinema releases: the list of postponed films

We take stock of the films postponed to the beginning of the year 2022. From French comedy (Le Bon Dieu 3, Rumba la vie …) to blockbusters (Morbius, John Wick 4 …), the list of longs lengths, shifted due to the sanitary context, is getting longer.

What films are postponed to 2022? AlloCiné takes stock, while the Omicron variant seems to be shaking up cinema release schedules in France and around the world. At the same time, some films choose to bring their release forward, like Superheroes in spite of himself by Philippe Lacheau who takes the slot left vacant Le Bon Dieu 3.

This list will be regularly updated. Summary, with contributions from Vincent Formica Formica and Marine de Guillermier.

Simone, the journey of the century

2022 cinema releases the list of postponed films
Warner Bros.

New shift for the release of Simone, the journey of the century, Olivier Dahan’s next film! Originally scheduled for March 2021, then October 2021, then February 2022, the biopic worn by Elsa Zylberstein will finally be visible on the big screen in the fall of 2022. This film being a big budget, the choice was made to favor a period when the spread of the virus is expected to be less.

For the record, the film highlights the fate of Simone Veil, her childhood, her political battles, her tragedies. The epic and intimate portrait of a woman with an extraordinary journey who shook her time by defending a humanist message that is still extremely topical.

Building permit

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Warner Bros. France

Last minute deprogramming for Building Permits. While the promotion and other poster campaign had started, Building Permit is shifting to March, precisely March 9, 2022, instead of a release on Wednesday January 19, 2022.

The pitch of this film co-written by the tandem Eric Fraticelli and Didier Bourdon (also headlining): Dentist in Paris, Romain has just lost his father, whom he has not seen for years. To his surprise, the latter left him a piece of land as an inheritance, as well as a last wish: to build the house where he would have liked to end his days. The only problem: this land is located in Corsica.

Rumba life

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Scheduled for release on January 19, Rumba la vie, a new comedy written and directed by Franck Dubosc, has seen its release postponed. It is one of the first French films, in 2022, to have made this decision.

The film will finally benefit from a summer release, set for August 24, 2022. The tour which was to launch the film has also been canceled, and will be rescheduled this summer with, in particular, outdoor screenings.

Franck Dubosc posted a video on his Facebook page at the end of December 2021 to give some explanations on this choice. He indicates that it was decided “because of all this context”, and that he “does not want to sacrifice it”. “We can not risk this month of January which we do not yet know the ins and outs of what we will have to do,” he continues.


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Fans of the vampire Morbius will still have to take their troubles patiently. Shifted several times because of the pandemic, the film worn by Oscar winner Jared Leto has just been postponed once again.

It is no longer January 26, 2022, but next March 30 that the character introduced in the Marvel comics as the enemy of Spider-Man will land on the big screen in France. In the United States, it goes from January 28 to April 1.

John wick 4

1641817886 362 2022 cinema releases the list of postponed films

John Wick 4 sees its release postponed … by a year! The franchise’s anticipated sequel starring Keanu Reeves (currently showing on Matrix Resurrections) runs from May 2022 to March 2023.

The reason for this delay was not specified. Filming for the film was thought to be completed in November 2021, but according to Deadline additional shots are scheduled in Japan. This postponement could be explained by the wish not to be faced with Top Gun 2.

The Little Band

1641817888 870 2022 cinema releases the list of postponed films

4 years after the success of En Liberté, Pierre Salvadori will soon unveil his new comedy, La Petite Bande. The film, which was initially due to be released in the spring of 2022, will finally opt for a summer release, in this case on July 20, 2022.

The story: In a small town in Corsica. Cat, Fouad, Antoine and Manu, 12, have a plan: set fire to the Chambon Factory, which pollutes the most beautiful river in the area. But each initiative is put to the vote and the constant ties paralyze the action. The small band then decides to hire a 5th sidekick to decide. Aimé, a child still alone, is chosen to his surprise. With his arrival, events will precipitate … and become terribly complicated!

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