20 tatuagens fenomenais de ricardo cunha xarope tips clear

20 Tatuagens Fenomenais De Ricardo Cunha ”Xarope” Tips Clear

Ricardo Cunha, better known in the tattoo scene as Syrup, is a guy who specializes in masterfully pigmenting his clients’ skin! You will see throughout the article that he excels in the styles he proposes to do. And if you want to talk to him directly to ask him about how the budget works, just click here and go to his profile on Tattoodo App.

Syrup has been in the tattoo business since 2005 and is the owner of Black Label Tattoo Classic, in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. The first style that came into his life, unlike what he does today, was the mega colorful New School! What a grim change, huh?!

After some time coloring his clients, he turns to the oriental style and soon after, he also specializes in geometry! The skill for few in the tattoo world is being able to do more than one style and be admired, just like Syrup! So much expertise has earned him awards at conventions in all the styles he dominates, in addition to being a true Free Hand ace!

Syrup has already been a judge at the largest tattoo convention in the world, three times! Ricardo has a great ease in drawing precise lines, whether bold (thick) or the finest to give incredible details in his geometric compositions! Speak seriously! The guy really is a MONSTER at what he does! Is that why it is featured here?

This combination of techniques with his experience of just over 15 years, could only give wonderful tattoos that mix Tribal, Oriental and Geometric! Don’t forget that to contact him, all you have to do is go up there and click on the link in his profile!

#syrup #bltc #maori #tribal
#syrup #bltc #maori #tribal

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