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20 Tatuagens De Pokémons Pelo Mestre Otaku Inkmali Tips Clear

Today we have the story of a guy who is passionate about what he does and who found the niche in his life! Inkmali has a 5 year career in tattooing, but has a lifetime expertise in the geek world! He says he’s always loved comics and cartoons on television, and he saw himself making art on the walls of Rio De Janeiro in the form of graffiti, of that creative life in objects in cement, to then immortalize his creations in the skin of his customers. , it was as fast as a bolt of Pikachu (Sorry if whoever writes you is wrong, I haven’t had a chance to watch Pokémon). To get in touch with Inkmali, just click here and make a direct quote with him via the Tattoodo app!

He specializes in Blackwork, and after being asked so much by his clients to create Pokémon characters, he decided to create an Instagram account with only anime tattoos.“I love my job and thinking that I can make my clients become Pokémon Masters, with their favorite characters in their skin, is one of my life’s dreams come true.” He started in tattooing doing Fine Line and Lettering, coming from graffiti, he found it the most natural way, but then he found himself and now he is one of the world’s leading tattoo artists in tattoos. of pop culture!

Inkmali says that besides watching every anime episode, he has the video game as a big inspiration for his drawings. As a child, he says he can’t remember a time when he didn’t draw Goku or Pokémon characters on the wall of his grandmother’s house, drawings which he says are there. nowadays. His family wanted him to take a drawing class, but he would rather try to copy what he saw in magazines and on TV than learn realism, landscape and all that technical stuff. He was already drawing out of love and not out of obligation.

”Today my job is to do exactly what I did when I was a kid!”

Mali went through a very heavy event in her life, which was the loss of her little sister who was just over a year old, and which made her want to stay at home locked up and alone, and the only thing that made him forget a bit of pain was watching Dragon Ball Super. And with that, he wanted to tattoo Goku, but he didn’t know any tattoo artist who knew the depths and fan of Animes like him. In this, he decided to tattoo his own hand! And it worked very well! The comments were so numerous and full of positivity that he decided to be the ambassador of the Anime world in Brazil, and to specialize in making only drawings like this!

The beginnings were difficult, like all worthwhile projects in this life! He did a lot of tattoos on friends for free and promotions to increase his Anime tattoo portfolio, and for people to start seeing that he had a professional expert on the subject, who could bring their dreams of having a tattoo of their favorite character to life. And he did!

Mali says he is proud to raise the Otaku flag in Brazil and to be able to identify so much with his customers that they all become good friends with so much in common. He says he spends at least 12 hours a day in the studio drawing and tattooing, and when he gets home he plays Pokémon or reads manga or watches his favorite anime. This makes it a reference in the matter and sought after by customers from all over Brazil!

One fine day, he was drawing a Pokémon to tattoo a client, and he had the idea of ​​creating a Pokédex on Instagram to make it known! Many people told him that it would be a waste of energy, one more bill to settle, but the love he has for this saga made him ignore everything and everyone and put the project into practice! And in a short time, many people started following and asking only for Pokemon tattoos. Another victory in the chariot of the real character Alexander, this is the name on the certificate of our highlight today!

Her tattoos are more like stickers glued to the skin, as you can already see in the photos that have already passed. It’s the result of a lot of study and experimentation from Mali, who uses a technique called Whip Shading to give her tattoos that phenomenal effect! These days, he travels overseas and tattoos his Pokemon all over the world, in addition to completely dominating the Anime scene in Rio De Janeiro!

”I do all of my clients’ tattoos as if they were on me! Like a real Pokemon! Seeing the result and the happiness printed on the faces of all my clients makes me very happy! And I will continue to do everything in my power to praise the Nerd scene and the Otaku scene wherever I go!’

He says he is grateful for some actions and studios that help boost the Nerd scene in Brazil, namely the Comic Ink and Comic Con events! For those who don’t know, Comic Ink is an event where the best tattoo artists in Brazil come together to make tattoos from the Nerd and Geek scene!

After I tell you a bit about Mali’s history, get him some more Pokemon tattoos. And at the end of the article, there are the links to plan your next tattoo with him! As well as being able to see one of our articles with him from a few years ago. As Inkmali often says:

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Here is his Instagram and the one exclusive to Pokémons! Link to the article here on Tattoodo of the elders on Mali, here!

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