20 Fall Nail Design Ideas to Try in 2022

20 Fall Nail Design Ideas: From the falling leaves to the cooler temperatures and stunning shades, this season is one of the most inspirational for fashion. Whether you love the brown and neutral trends, you always add a pop of color to your attire, or you keep it minimal all-year-round, we’ve found the perfect fall nail designs that all fashionistas will love.

Fall nail designs
20 fall nail design ideas

1. Column Chart Design Nails

Take fall colors, and put a fun twist on them. This funky and geometric design takes its inspiration from column charts and uses shades that are perfect for the season. To create this monochrome manicure, take small bits of tape and place them in the style you prefer – add some spice to the overall look by changing the position of the bars on each finger. No matter what nail length or shape you have, it’s a universally flattering way to elevate your ensemble.

Column chart design nails

2. Fall Leaves Nails

Certain things truly represent fall, and one of those things is falling leaves. This blend of nude and black polish and delicate artwork resembles a masterpiece that is autumn, across each fingertip. Using a fine brush and nature-inspired colors, paint delicate flowers on the tips and ends of your nails, but be sure they take up one-third of the space – this will elongate the fingers and keep it looking elegant. For a high fashion twist, add s feature nail in black. It’s a great way to get excited about the cooler season and stay stylish.

Fall leaves nails

3. Mustard Nails

It’s one of the most significant colors of the season, so why not wear it everywhere? These mustard nails are simple in design but so effective in action. A yellow-toned green hue is a perfect option for all skin tones – it pops perfectly on everyone. You can rock this shade with greys, blues, and browns – it is the best companion for a stunning fall wardrobe.

Mustard nails

4. Autumn Marble Effect Manicure

It’s one of the trendiest designs of the season, and for a good reason. This marble-effect manicure features stunning Fall colors – from rich purples to warm orange hues, this is the perfect autumn accessory. Let the organic swirls of the brush follow you across each finger, leaving some bare nail underneath for maximum impact. Add small fragments of white and baby pink within the deeper shades for further dimension on this fantastic art.

Autumn marble effect manicure

5. Organic Shape Manicure

Let your fingers do the talking with this funky shaped nail art. For those who love to experiment with colors, styles, and patterns, this is the ideal manicure for you. Fill the crescent near your cuticle with a block shade or two, and elongate the tips of the others with an updated French manicure style. Use shades like brown, red and blue, alternating between shades with geometric lines. It’s a style that perfectly flatters every skin tone, and now is the season to try it.

Organic shape manicure

6. Muted Fall Stripe Nails

Channel your inner Gucci Gal and dive into this stunning manicure. Featuring muted pinks and greens, this Autumn-inspired nail art is sure to elevate any outfit. Using bottle green, cranberry red, and soft neutral pink, you can easily recreate this look. To consistently create straight lines, use small bits of tape in the center of the finger, and invert the colors on each hand. It’s a perfect fall design for a fashion lover.

Muted fall stripe nails

7. Halloween-Inspired Manicure

Are you a huge Halloween fan? Bring the dress-up event closer than ever with this ooky-spooky manicure. The classic pumpkin design gets a quirky upgrade as it sits on the cuticle of each finger – the remaining negative space will elongate your fingertips and look extra fashionable. You can choose to create a scary face inside the orange winter squash, leave it bare or add some extra creepy detail. Get ready to celebrate one of the most-loved yearly events in style!

Halloween inspired manicure

8. Autumn Cloud Nails

During this time of year, the atmosphere begins to change, and the cold weather sets in. Celebrate the start of a new season by recreating those stunning clouds on your fingertips. Whether you prefer the traditional shades of blue and gray, or you want to incorporate neutral colors, this is a great way to add some spice to your ensemble. Leave the space beneath plain to help the hue stand out even more. With a design this stunning, you’ll feel as if you’re touching the sky.

Autumn clouds nail art

9. Amber Leopard Nails

As one of the trends that have stuck around for years, animal print is here to stay. This amber-colored rendition of leopard is totally on-trend, and it’s easy to see why – it’s incredible to wear. From every angle, your nails will catch the light and appear like tortoiseshell – delicate and mesmerizing. Feel free to be liberal with the pattern on top – there are no two coats the same, so why should your manicure be?

Amber leopard nails

10. Geometric Plum Nails

Sometimes it’s the simplest designs that stay with you forever. This understated design is easy to recreate, and it looks great on all skin tones. Tape up one side of your nailbed, and paint a few layers of a hearty plum shade. Once the nail polish dries and you take away the sticky side, you will be left with a sleek and elegant manicure that is sure to garner a few compliments!

Geometric plum nails

11. Monochrome Green Manicure

One of the hottest shades seen this year is green, and it would look brilliant as your next manicure. This geometric design is easy to replicate a home and has a timeless feel. Using bits of tape, cover one half of the fingertip in a diagonal line. Take two hues of the cool shade, one light and dark – for longer-looking fingers, paint the bottom half of the nail in the deeper polish. Unify both the top and bottom by topping it off with a clear topcoat.

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Monochrome green manicure

12. Shades of Grey Gradient Nails

This gradient trend has taken over the entire world, and it’s easy to replicate it with fall-inspired shades. Take white, a light dusty rose, gray and black, and apply a single color on each finger. For a unified effect, begin a transition from light to dark, and leaving the thumb the same as the pinky. It’s a minimalist design, but it still provides a serious punch.

Shades of grey graident nails

13. Gold Flake Nail Art

Rug up as the weather changes with this cozy and elegant manicure. What starts as a classic nude manicure quietly transforms into fingertips dipped in gold flakes. This is a tricky skill to master, so it’s a great idea to test the style with a professional nail artist. To create this look, you’ll need some loose gold leaf, clear polish, and tweezers. After you’ve painted the base shade, delicately place the pieces to the desired areas, and finish with a final top coat to seal it. For maximum effect, leave the thumb and pinky without any trimmings.

Gold flake nail art

14. Negative Space Manicure

Elevate the classic manicure with this funky negative space spin. What makes this design so fascinating is the bare nail underneath, paired with modernism-inspired shapes in bold colors. Using tape, carve out rectangles down the finger – add black and white, leaving space for a small red dot in between each figure. Without any base coat, your hands will appear elongated and like a piece of art.

Negative space manicure

15. Cafe Latte Manicure

Wake up with energy thanks to this cafe latte manicure. Finding its inspiration from a humble cup of coffee, the art features two shades of brown and is complete with cream on top. To replicate the look, paint the entire nail a soft stone or nude color, and delicately paint one half in a chocolate hue. Using a lighter tone, finely cut out an identical, yet smaller, shape. Finish by painting a thin border between the pattern and base. You’ll be sure to feel a buzz with fingers this snazzy.
Cafe latte manicure

16. Classic Nude Nails

We all have a favorite manicure that we can always rely on, and this is definitely one of them. The classic nude manicure just received a refresh, and it’s so easy to recreate. Find two neutral shades that flatter your skin tone, and paint the entire base of the finger with the lighter color. Once it has dried, paint a second layer over the top, this time using the darker tone. Leave a small space from the cuticle, and carve it the natural shape of your cuticles. Finish it with a clear topcoat, and you’ll be dressed for any occasion.

Classic nude nails

17. Autumn Blooms

While Spring is a typical time for florals, you should be able to enjoy them in every season. This updated manicure features Fall-inspired browns and neutrals, which offers dimension to the design. Start by painting three fingers a light stone shade, and the other two in a soft peanut hue. Once dry, use a thin brush to apply dainty flowers on each nail. Use the opposite colors to draw the blooms on the tips. Finish the design with small black dots as the center of the pattern.

Autumn blooms

18. Fall Mood Board

This season calls for color inspiration from nature and the runways- falling golden brown leaves, blue skies, orange pumpkins, and a rich touch of emerald. Express this entire mood board on your nails to showcase your favorite season, and do it in style. Paint each fingertip a single shade – there is no strict gradient you need to follow here, so choose the progression of hues however you wish. If you love wearing monochrome ensembles, this will act as the perfect finishing touch to whatever you wear.

Fall mood board manicure

19. Arty Neutral Tones

Express your individuality on your fingertips, and celebrate the beauty of fall with this artsy neutral manicure. Using only two shades, it offers a lot of dimension and complexity, thanks to its fluid and organic style. Paint all fingers a single color, leaving one in the opposite as a feature. Then, using the alternative tone, let your creativity shine by finely painting flowers or creating a marble effect. If you’re a nail novice, find a talented artist to replicate the breathtaking design. This is a fashion-forward way of wearing the hottest hue of the season.

Arty neutral tones

20. Subtle Star Manicure

One of the most popular trends we’ve seen on and off the runway this season is the subtle star manicure. A perfect option for autumn, this minimalist nail art looks amazing on anyone and is delicate enough to wear anywhere. Keep the base of your fingertip in a nude or neutral shade, and sprinkle small gold stars on top. To prevent them from falling off, finish with a layer or two of topcoat – it will leave them looking shiny and fresh. From the office to a Halloween party, it’s the ideal way to dress for the time of year.

Subtle star manicure


What are the fall nail colors for 2022?

Fall is a beautiful season because of the colors that occur in nature, and it is also a fantastic time to give your manicures an interesting twist. Some of the colors you can expect to see in 2021 include mustard, shades of grey gradients, nude nails, and gold flakes. You can also get super creative by opting for a fall leaves nail design, an autumn marble effect, muted fall stripes, or geometric plum nails.

What is the popular nail color for 2022?

Some of the most popular nail colors to look out for in 2021 include blues, minty greens, and candy pinks. All of these are fantastic choices because they are easy to wear and flattering on most skin tones. Nude hues are also trending, which is great for women who work in a corporate environment or want something understated yet chic.

What are the 5 basic nail designs?

The most common basic nail shapes include the oval, round, square, squoval, and pointed, like the almond nail. In terms of designs, many classic polishes are easy-to-wear and timeless. These include nude shades, french manicures, and soft pastel colors like pinks. You can update your manicure each season by trying out the patterns and hues that are trending.

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