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15 Tatuagens Blackwork Do Artista Nacional Glitxi Tips Clear

Previously known Tattoodo artist returns for another post, now better known as Glitxi, does sensational Blackwork tattoos adding BUG effects, you know those ‘flaws’ in TV pictures or cell phone? So, he uses these small flaws to sublimate his works and his clients loved this idea. To access Glitxi’s profile in our app, just click here and plan your tattoo with him!

He has a little more than 4 years of career as a tattoo artist, and he already imagined what it would be like and if he could transmit to the skin of his clients, the visions of art and aesthetics he had in mind. head. And it must be said that, YES, he did!

Glitxi explains some of his work:
“I started writing about a little parallel universe tale about what a “possible future” would look like, called Abstinence from the Void. In short, this translates into the search for nothingness by the human being, a search for the non-existent that he will never reach (or will never reach). An era where technology becomes the algorithm of every heartbeat and download made in your brain.

He says he loves experimenting with different ways to bring out his creativity:
– Manually, using a scanner and collages;
– Digitally using programs such as Photoshop;
– And in a sonic way, by manipulating the data of the image through its frequency.

About his “old” stage name, he says:
”I think I’m at the stage where people are looking at what I do, my expression, my art, and not for me, I’m just looking to be ‘heard’

Ways to fuck tattoos, right? Let’s leave some other Glitxi works for you to be inspired and send her a message! Just go back to the start and click on his profile link there!

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