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Looking for amazing Celtic band tattoo designs and ideas? Check the best designs of 2021 related to the Celtic symbols and take your pick!

Celtic brand tattoo
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Celtic tattoos have always been popular, and hence, Celtic band tattoo ideas are utilised by both men and women to enhance themselves.

Celtic tattoos often feature typical Celtic symbolslike a Celtic cross or a Celtic knot. Various other kinds of tribal designs are also utilised to make Celtic band tattoos look like art.

Celtic symbols and meanings are often related to a variety of things. For instance, tattoos depicting Celtic knots are symbolic of eternityas the knots seem to stay connected and go on forever. A Celtic knot tattoo also relates to Christianity or spirituality.

Usually, the commonest kind of band tattoo is an armband tattoo. Are you wondering, “What is the meaning of a Celtic armband tattoo?” Well, you can find the information related to that right here. Armband tattoos can signify loss, strength, courageand so on. For example, the Celtic warrior armband tattoos are a way of showing loyalty, prideand strength within. If you combine your Celtic tattoo with thick armbands, that could be a way of remembering someone who is close to you.

Celtic band tattoos can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollarsdepending on the design and its intricacies. However, if you decide to add a beautiful Celtic band tattoo to your body, you will never regret it. Check out the images of different designs below, and pick the one you would love to see on your skin!

Vibrant Celtic Armband Tattoo

Vibrant celtic armband tattoo
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Even though most armband tattoo ideas consist of the colour black, you can surely make yours stand out by adding a dash of colour to the design. In this tattoo, the band has geometric patterns on its to-half and shaded lines on its bottom half. The blue knot in the middle is contrasting perfectly against the rest of the design. You can even choose any other colour that you love for this tattoo.

Diagonal Celtic Armband Tattoo

Diagonal celtic armband tattoo
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There are so many kinds of Celtic armband tattoo designs, you will never really run out of options. Take this diagonal Celtic tattoofor instance. This is quite an interesting take on typical and traditional armband tattoos. The Celtic knots are perfectly intertwined in this design, and the use of the ink is making this tattoo all the more special. Tattoo designs like this will surely add charm to your skin. If you love the idea of being quirky and unique, this tattoo is the way to go.

Celtic Wedding Band Tattoo

Celtic wedding band tattoo
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Tired of rings? Why not choose these matching Celtic wedding band tattoos with your partner? Since the Celtic knots are symbolic of eternity, a matching tattoo design of this sort will be the perfect reminder for both you and your partner that the love you both share is not temporary. A tattoo like this one will hardly require any time to get inked but will be your source of strength and happiness through the good and bad times.

Phoenix On Celtic Tribal Band Tattoo

Phoenix on celtic tribal band tattoo
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Celtic tattoo designs can certainly be enhanced by combining them with various symbols. In this tattoo, the Celtic knots are inked together with a phoenix. Phoenix birds are representatives of the cycle of life. Combining that with the eternal symbolism of the Celtic know, makes this tattoo design quite brilliant, to say the least. The blue and white ink used in this design is adding beauty to this tattoo. You can get this tattooed around your ankle, as pictured, or as an armband. Such a design is suitable for both men and women.

Feminine Celtic Armband Tattoo

Feminine celtic armband tattoo
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A feminine armband tattoothat features the Celtic tribal patterns, a sunflower, and a crownwill surely be hard to miss by anyone. The band in this tattoo has been made completely black, so only the knots are standing out. The detailing in the crown and sunflower is quite impeccable. A tattoo like this can hold any meaning you want it to. Since this tattoo design is quite elaborate, you can ask your tattoo artist to make you a temporary tattoo of this design first, so that you can see how it’s looking.

Dark Celtic Knotwork Band Tattoo

Dark celtic knotwork band tattoo
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If you are in search of darker tattoos, why not use this idea? This design has been done in quite a bold and different manner. Even though it features the traditional Celtic knotsthe grey ink within the lines of the knot, and the black ink outside is making this tattoo look exceptionally beautiful. If you get inked with this design and post it on your social media, you are sure to get plenty of likes and comments!

Celtic Knot Band Tattoo For Nature Lovers

Celtic knot band tattoo for nature lovers
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Celtic designs can be made to reflect your passion, as well. Hence, if you love natureyou will be all set with a Celtic tattoo like this one! The Celtic knots are in the middle of the tattoo design, as an armband. The knots are simple, yet carrying the meaning of eternity perfectly. On both sides of the Celtic knot, the Celtic triangle has been incorporated, which is associated with the elements of nature. The lighter triangle on the top has the sun and trees as background depicting day, while the darker triangle features stars and the moon, depicting night. Celtic tattoo designs like this are rare and will look out of this world!

Realistic Celtic Band Tattoo

Realistic celtic band tattoo
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A realistic Celtic knot tattoo design on the arm can give your personality a whole new definition. As you can see in this design, the Celtic band with a tribal motif in the middle has been created in such a way, it looks like it has been carved on the skin. The shading and dark ink is making this tattoo look even more realistic. This tattoo is done with a lot of expertise, in order to recreate this idea perfectly, choose a reliable tattoo shop.

Celtic Armband Tattoo For Both Arms

Celtic armband tattoo for both arms
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If you want Celtic tattoos on both your armhere is an amazing idea for you. This tattoo is quite elaborate and big in size. A design like this will especially suit men. The gradient shading on the knots is making the simple design quite eye-catching. This tattoo has three interlocked triangles right in the middle. This symbol is known as the White and its meanings are associated with the afterlife. You can also add a Celtic cross tattoo to this design. Tattoo ideas like this are not only original but carry very deep meanings, that can be used by anyone.

Celtic Band Tattoo For The Ankle

Celtic band tattoo for the ankle
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You can also choose a band tattoo around your ankle, like this one right here. This design is quite simple and minimalistas it is just depicting the outline of the Celtic knots. Even so, the tattoo is beautiful and a new way of flaunting a Celtic band tattoo. Tattoo designs like this one do not take a lot of time to be completed, so you can get inked with a wonderful design quite quickly!

Now that you know about the popular Celtic band tattoos of 2021 made for both men and women, you can make full use of any one of these ideas on your body. Through the times, Celtic tattoo designs have been used by both men and women throughout the world, to express themselves. Celtic band tattoos can be inked on the arm, finger, or even on the ankle. You can also combine your Celtic band tattoo with floral motifs, meaningful symbols, or designs that reflect your passion. You could also check out these other ideas for tattoos:

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