10 Best Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tattoo Ideas

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Are you one of those Texas Chainsaw Massacre fanatics? Go ahead and click here to unleash some of the craziest Texas Chainsaw Massacre tattoo designs!

Texas chainsaw massacre tattoo
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There are three categories of people who watch horror movies, those who hate out of fear, those who love and are not afraid, and finally, those who love to watch them but then regret their actions out of fear.

Now, which are you? It is usually the second and third category of people who proceed to get one or more tattoos of their favorite horror movie.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film series has been around for several years and has a following of fans of almost all ages. And most of them, if allowed by their families, get tattoos of characters, weapons or even scenes from the most popular movies. There are many variations you can try when it comes to a Texas Chainsaw Massacre tattoo design. So, if you are one of the fans of the movies, here are some of the mind-boggling designs that will make your spending time and money at the tattoo parlor worthwhile.

Traditional Texas Chainsaw Massacre flower logo tattoo

Traditional texas chainsaw massacre flower logo tattoo
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If you are looking for a design that looks more like a logo than a character or scene from the movie, then this is something you might like. This tattoo features chainsaws and a yellow rose with an ominous message. The blood splatter on the rose and the chainsaws are actually the highlight. In this tattoo, the concept is simple and the highlights are a priority.

The tattoo was created using the traditional tattoo method including bold black borders and a very limited color palette. This is a medium sized tattoo so perfect spots on the body would include the forearms, upper arms, chest, hips, shoulder blades and thighs, and you can also choose your calves for a design like this.

Combination tattoo of horror movie props

Combination tattoo of horror movie props
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People who are drawn to horror movies usually tend to love them all rather than just one movie. If you are one of those people and you are also in love with creative murder weapons used in movies then you are going to love this tattoo design. This tattoo is a combination of all famous murder weapons used in various movies.

The tattoo itself has been kept very simple and straightforward. But the tattoo artist has to be very precise while creating the delicate details of the design. This design will take up a large area of ​​your body, so select spots like your arms, legs or back to do this. You can also try this design on your sternum and it might look different and good.

Baby Leatherface In Heart Symbol Tattoo

Baby leatherface in heart symbol tattoo
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There are many variations in Leatherface tattoo ideas, but everyone will agree that this is one of the cutest variations you will ever find. This Leatherface tattoo gives off scary and cute vibes at the same time. The message related to the tattoo is also made to give very important information, especially in a disturbing way.

This tattoo is all about the neo-traditional style of tattooing. Then a mix of bold edges with a slightly wider color palette was used. The eyes and little fingers need to be made perfect by the tattoo artist to give the right vibe. A tattoo like this is again suitable for places like calves, chest, hips, stomach and almost anywhere on the back.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Murder Weapon Tattoo

Texas chainsaw massacre murder weapon tattoo
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We all know that there is always a weapon related to murder in movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw and more. At times, the murder weapons become more popular than the characters and the movie itself. Now this is a chainsaw, the murder weapon in the movie Texas Massacre.

This chainsaw tattoo was created using the basic tattoo colors which are just black and gray. The delicate details of the tattoo have been given top priority to make it lively. The choice of using the color red for the blood spatter and the rest completely black and gray is very clever. This tattoo is best suited for arms and legs.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Anime Girl Version Tattoo

Texas chainsaw massacre anime girl version tattoo
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This is the version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre tattoo that no one will ever expect, but in a good way. This tattoo design shows an image of an anime girl who is holding the murder weapon which is the chainsaw. A small tattoo of Leatherface has also been added which resembles the little devil in her head.

This anime style tattoo was created using only minimal lines and shading effects. Again, only the blood spatter on the chainsaw and his body is red. This type of tattoo looks super easy but can get messy if a single stroke goes wrong. This tattoo definitely belongs on the thighs or anywhere on the back.

Traditional leatherface and rose tattoo

Traditional leatherface and rose tattoo
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This is one of the best traditional Leatherface tattoo designs you can find. This is an almost perfect image of the Leatherface character wielding the popular murder weapon, namely the chainsaw. The tattoo artist has tattooed a multicolored rose just below the character to give a better look.

The traditional style of tattooing has been portrayed beautifully. Everything from the bold lines of the black border to the correct selection of the color palette has been done to perfection. This tattoo will give a bold look and people will be instantly attracted to this design. You can show this design to a tattoo artist to have them tattoo spots like your legs and arms.

Leatherface face portrait and movie scene tattoo

Leatherface face portrait and movie scene tattoo
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Not everyone just likes the characters and weapons used in the movies. Some even love the movie and usually get a scene from a popular movie tattooed on their skin. This tattoo undoubtedly has one of the best black face portraits of Leatherface. Just below that is the popular image of the bungalow and a silhouette of Leatherface holding the chainsaw above his head.

A tattoo like this needs to be done with great care, so it is a stressful job for the tattoo artist to get this design right. This design also has a lot of complications, so it will take a long time, but once you do, you won’t regret getting it. As this is a tattoo that requires a longer space, aim for the skin on the arm and legs for best results.

Traditional half-destroyed leather mask tattoo

Traditional half-destroyed leather mask tattoo
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It is Leatherface’s ghostly mask that made him popular. Millions of people recognize him because of the mask. This tattoo design is of the Leatherface mask which was made using traditional art of tattooing. So, if you are a fan of the mask that Leatherface wears, this half ripped tattoo design is definitely waiting for your skin.

Compared to today’s critical tattoo style, this tattoo design is pretty simple. Borders need to be done carefully, ensuring the shading job doesn’t look messy. This is quite a small tattoo compared to ultra-large tattoos, so go for the calves or arms for the best look.

Black and gray Leatherface face portrait tattoo

Black and gray leatherface face portrait tattoo
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This has to be one of the most realistic tattoos of Leatherface, the main character from the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you are someone who is interested in real looking characters tattooed on your body, then this is something you can really think about. If needed, there are also many other elements, like the chainsaw or even Leatherface’s entire body, that could be added to make him look even bigger.

This tattoo is all about black and gray colors. This tends to give the tattoo a fierce and scary look which is sometimes difficult to achieve with color tattoos. Various strokes of line and shading have been done with great care and precision which is why this extraordinary look. Being a bigger design, it definitely needs a lot of skin area, so the ideal choice would be your back or stomach area.

Leatherface with chainsaw cartoon style tattoo

Leatherface with chainsaw cartoon style tattoo
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Sometimes it’s important to think a lot creatively rather than going for the normal look. This tattoo is definitely a perfect example of that. In this tattoo, the tattoo artist used a cartoonish look for Leatherface holding his chainsaw and other characters.

Attaining a cartoonish look into movie characters is definitely not an easy job, and the tattoo itself required a lot of perfection in every line and shading work. This ultimate detail oriented tattoo, perfect for sleeves, will require a longer area of ​​skin, as it fits better on the legs and arms.

As stated above, fans of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie are of all ages, and the numbers literally run into the millions. So it is important that the tattoo variations are made so that people of various age groups can choose them. So here are some more options so it becomes easier for all age groups and people also get further options to see what they want.

  • Watercolor Texas Chainsaw Massacre themed flash tattoo.
  • Scary tattoos of horror movie villains.
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie scene silhouette tattoo.
  • Traditional style Leatherface and skulls tattoo.
  • Chainsaw tattoo with cut out body parts tattoo.

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