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If you love anime and want to ink matching anime tattoos with your partner, then here are some of the best tattoo ideas that you should definitely check out.

Matching anime tattoos
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Anime in Japanese culture is a mode of television entertainment.

Many countries produce anime, but Japanese anime are considered to be the best. Souls are a vital and inseparable part of Japanese culture.

In case you are new to the anime world, while growing up or at least now you must have heard some popular names like Naruto, Kakashi, Kira, etc. These are some of the most famous characters in Japanese anime. Japanese anime series are world famous and also highly rated by people all over the world. Anime has become more and more famous in this era and the quality has also changed dramatically. But have you ever wondered the origin of anime? The timeline of the very first anime can be traced back to 1961. Since then the anime has been in constant evolution, this includes both plot and art design. The few famous long series are “Naruto”, “Bleach” and “One Piece”, with “One Piece” being one of the longest ever and most loved by millions of people around the world.

Anime fans generally connect with each other smoothly, they can connect easily because they always have a common topic or interest to talk about. Anime tattoos are also one of those reasons that help a fan connect with other fans smoothly. And people generally carve anime tattoos to pay homage or respect to their favorite characters. There are thousands of anime tattoo designs that outdo each other and always help to ignite the fire in fan conversations.

If you are an anime fan belonging to one or perhaps multiple anime fandoms and are looking for matching tattoos for couples, we have the perfect matching anime tattoos for you and your crew.

Naruto Hinata colorful matching anime tattoo

Naruto hinata colorful matching anime tattoo
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Naruto and Hinata are both anime characters belonging to the famous anime series called “Naruto”, these two characters have a romantic relationship in this series at the beginning and later also get married. There are a lot of fans who ship these pairs really hard. This anime tattoo was inked on the wearer’s hand. Hinata’s eyes have been filled with white color which shows the authentic depiction of the anime, as it reflects Hinata’s “Byakugan” from the series and looks exactly the same as the tattoo. Naruto’s blue eyes also look as captivating as in the anime. Naruto’s face was drawn inside a “kunai” which is a tool for ninjas.

If you are a married couple, or just any couple in love with each other and even Naruto, and you are looking for matching anime tattoos, then without wasting time you should choose this anime tattoo with one of the most loved anime couples.

Dragon Ball Z tattoo

Dragon ball z tattoo
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The anime character named Goku is the protagonist of a famous series called “Dragon Ball Z” and has an infamous best friend named Vegeta. These two characters Goku and Vegeta are also famous for their rivalry. As both are also best friends and rivals, this anime tattoo has a deeper personal meaning behind it. This anime tattoo is colorful and is placed on the calf of the tattoo wearer. As shown in this anime tattoo, both characters pull away, punch each other and give us real vibes of friendship.

If you also have a best friend that you might even hit for free just because you love him a little too much, then don’t waste your time and get this anime tattoo done on your body, as these types of matching anime tattoos suit best friends best.

Anime tattoo combined with fairy tales

Anime tattoo combined with fairy tales
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This is an anime tattoo of two famous anime characters, the boy in the foreground is Natsu and the woman’s name is Erza, both are from an anime series called “Fairy Tale”. Natsu is the main character of the anime in this series. Between Natsu and Elsa there is a pure relationship between older and younger sister or younger brother. In this tattoo, the big eyes of both characters are filled with so many emotions. As these types of subtle anime tattoos tend to have intricate detail, we recommend that you turn to an experienced tattoo artist as only a skilled artist can draw something like this with perfection.

If you love this magical fantasy series and are looking for tattoo ideas, consider that your search has finally come to an end.

Cute matching anime couple tattoos

Cute matching anime couple tattoos
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This anime tattoo is a shot from the anime movie called “Ponyo”. The girl featured in this tattoo is Ponyo and the boy’s name is Sosuke. This meaningful cute anime tattoo is colorful, with an authentic representation that truly resembles the anime. These tiny anime tattoos are inked on the hands of the tattoo bearer. As we can see in this anime tattoo, the girl is flying as the child seems to be waiting for her, perfectly representing their chemistry. This tattoo is one of the most fabulous tattoo ideas that will stand out more and more due to the unique art style.

If anime movies have a special place in your heart and you are hoping to find a perfect anime tattoo to devote your passion to, then you should definitely check out this perfect tattoo from an anime movie called “Ponyo”.

Akatsuki anime tattoo

Akatsuki anime tattoo
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This simple anime tattoo is inspired by the famous series called “Naruto”. This tattoo belongs to one of the most famous group of anime villains called “Akatsuki”. If you have seen this anime then you must know the importance of Akatsuki in the anime series and you must have already had goosebumps experience just by looking at this tattoo. Among all the anime tattoo ideas, this particular tattoo design is one of the most sought after. This anime tattoo inspires many people due to the deeper personal meaning of the characters behind it.

If you’re into badass anime tattoos, then we all agree that the “Akatsuki” toast scale is unmatched and nothing can beat matching little anime tattoos like this one we’ve brought here just for you.

Matching anime tattoos for couples

Matching anime tattoos for couples
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This adorable anime tattoo is one of many anime tattoos that can easily be considered the most adorable. This is a tattoo of Goku and his wife Chichi from the famous anime “Dragon Ball Z”. This couple teaches us many inspiring lessons such as how understanding, caring and open mindedness are essential in a relationship which is why this anime tattoo is truly meaningful. This tattoo was drawn on the hand and in this tattoo, Chi-Chi and Goku are both kissing. You can also notice the dragon balls flying around them making this tattoo really romantic.

This pair is a popular choice among Dragon Ball Z fans and if you are one of these powerful couples, we recommend inking this gorgeous tattoo idea on your body.

Inuyasha couple tattoo

Inuyasha couple tattoo
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The main character of the anime series “InuYasha”. This cute tattoo represents the chemistry between the characters and screams perfection. Although the image only shows one person getting it, this is still a great idea for a couple tattoo. You can get a tattoo with both characters or just one character on each of your bodies. This tattoo looks exactly the same as the manga. Everything about the details is just perfectly tattooed and looks the same, if you have seen the anime or read the manga, you can easily notice it.

If you are a fan of old school anime and admire this form of art style then you can definitely enjoy the authentic tattoo on your body.

Nezuko and Lemilion anime tattoos

Nezuko and lemilion anime tattoos
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It doesn’t matter even if they aren’t from the same anime, these two characters have made sure everyone loves them. Mirio Togata, or as known by the hero name Lemilion, is an anime character from the popular “My Hero Academia” series and Nezuko, on the other hand, is from “Demon Slayer”. The artist made these two colorful anime tattoos absolutely stunning.

If you and your partner love different characters but still want to get matching tattoos, we’ve got that covered. Pick a similar theme and then who cares if the tattoos are from the same anime, you guys can still twin!

Ace and Luffy anime tattoos

Ace and luffy anime tattoos
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Nothing can beat the brotherly relationship between these two. Believe it or not, these two characters from the “One Piece” anime series have the perfect chemistry between them. These anime tattoos indicate the strong bond between brothers and describe the true power of friendship.

If you love the “One Piece” anime series and want a tattoo to do with your best friend, this tattoo is for you!

Giyu and Shinobu anime tattoos

Giyu and shinobu anime tattoos
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The grace and power these two characters portray, no wonder they all ship them so badly! These two tattoos feature the two Hashiras of the characters from “Demon Slayer”. These anime tattoos have completely captured Giyu and Shinobu’s perfect details. Their eye color in these anime tattoos is also authentically tattooed.

If you and your loved one are fans of “Demon Slayer” and are looking for not-so-simple anime tattoo ideas to show your love for anime, then this tattoo is the one!

We bet you must have one of your favorite matching anime tattoos for best friends and couples. However, if you want to keep looking for more inspiration, you can easily find them on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

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