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Can’t put into words the pain you feel? These broken heart broken heart aesthetic tattoos are sure to help.

Heart broken heart tattoo
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Feeling heartbroken is one of the strongest and most horrifying feelings you can experience.

It is more than just pain and a feeling of discontent. Feeling heartbroken can be physically painful and very often we are unable to express that pain in words, let alone our emotions.

A broken heart tattoo can help express those bottled up emotions and illustrate the feeling we are otherwise unable to put into words. The heart symbol or heart shape obviously refers to or represents our hearts. While the other motifs you will find in this collection are representations of various emotions and a broken heart. A broken heart tattoo design is a somewhat unique concept because not everyone chooses to turn their lost love ideas into a tattoo design. However, those who have chosen to commemorate their lost love and such intense feelings often find themselves looking for unique and artistic looking broken heart tattoo designs.

Read on and explore some of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing tattoos with broken heart tattoos. We can assure you that this curated list will not disappoint you.

Shattered heart realistic tattoo design

Shattered heart realistic tattoo design
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In this medium sized artwork, the artist gave the tattoo a gothic look, as well as a realistic feel. We are all well aware that the gothic tattoo trend would definitely blend well with a broken or broken heart tattoo design.

Here, the artist has created a shattered illusion, which almost looks like a bullet has pierced it. The symbolism of this tattoo is that, often, broken hearts feel the same amount of pain that a bullet hole would cause. The symbol is deep and makes for a great choice for someone who has recently gone through a bad breakup and lost love.

The two subtle sad and happy emoticon faces add to the aesthetic look of the tattoo.

Anatomical heart tattoo

Anatomical heart tattoos
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This broken heart tattoo design is definitely a unique design concept that will attract a lot of attention from people. It’s not just the bright colors, but also the fact that instead of a heart shape we often see in all heart themed designs; the artist has chosen to create the illustration of a real heart, the organ we have inside us.

This quirky concept is definitely an attractive broken heart tattoo design. The bold outlines and beautiful blend of colors give the tattoo a very gorgeous and vibrant look.

Broken Heart Tattoo Design With A Sad Face Pattern Inside

Broken heart tattoo design with a sad face pattern inside
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Here, the tattoo artist has given the broken heart tattoo design a simple yet sophisticated and unique version. This red heart tattoo is significant for the grief and personal loss of a loved one. The sadness depicted on the face, inside the heart is a unique idea.

It can serve as a reminder of a lost loved one, whether it’s a bad breakup or even death. The different elements used in the red heart, along with the red ink and dark look, give the tattoo a mysterious look. Such heart designs may not be that popular, but they are definitely an excellent choice.

Cute Minimalist Broken Heart Tattoo With A Heart Shaped Pattern

Cute minimalist broken heart tattoo with a heart shaped pattern
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How cute are these two little tattoos? So minimalist yet so pretty. The whole idea of ​​a whole heart and a broken heart is represented in both. The artist used red ink to create a broken red heart tattoo and a full red heart tattoo on each side of the shoulders.

While it may not have deep meaning, the simple idea of ​​a whole tattoo and a broken heart itself is enough to justify why you should consider such a small and sweet piece.

Some people prefer delicate pieces of tattoo art. Those people may consider this little heart tattoo. It can have special meaning if you give this tattoo a personal touch. The placement of this tattoo will also look good on the wrist, chest or forearm.

Sad Woman With A Broken Heart Tattoo Design

Sad woman with a broken heart tattoo design
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This little piece of tattoo is pretty simple. It is done in black ink and has bold outlines that create a woman, who is adorned with jewels, who holds a broken heart close to her. Now, such illustration pieces usually aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, however, many people in the tattoo community find pieces intriguing and inspiring.

He is clearly heartbroken and is carrying his own heart, which is a powerful symbol of trying to protect himself from heartbreak. She looks sad and the emotions on her face are clearly represented despite her small tattoo. Ideal for someone who is looking to commemorate their lost relationship.

Broken Heart Tattoo – The Devil’s Edition

Broken heart tattoo - the devil's edition
@nataliamarintattoos via instagram

The Devil Edition sure sounds like a true gothic themed tattoo, mixed with a broken heart theme. Two of the most opposing motifs are brought together in one to create this gorgeous piece. The beauty of this piece is not only its unique idea, but also how the red ink stands out, while the bold and meticulous lines speak for a dark and edgy style.

The artist created a broken heart tattoo, very accurately depicted in the shape of a heart while adding a woman with devil horns inside the broken heart. The beauty of her lies in the edgy aesthetic and is probably a symbol of unexpected heartbreak.

Hence, heartbreak is caused by people’s ill will and this tattoo is an exact representation of it. The devil is the personification of ill will.

Broken Glass Heart With Barbed Wire Tattoo

Broken glass heart with barbed wire tattoo
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While this is a similar concept to another tattoo we’ve explored in this article, this one has a different twist. Most heartbreak tattoos have some sort of gloom or nervousness that gives them different sad elements.

This too has such aura. The idea behind this ink is very obvious and genuine. We are all aware of the concept of a heart of glass, which is easily shattered. Once shattered, it’s hard to love or trust again, hence the protection of the barbed wire. Almost bittersweet.

Those barbed wire, patches, and stitches in broken heart designs are almost always considered to be representations of healing.

Delicate Broken Heart Tattoo Pierced With A Knife

Delicate broken heart tattoo pierced with a knife
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This aesthetic-looking little piece is sure to tickle your fancy. There is nothing grand about the piece yet it manages to be one of the most beautiful tattoo designs. Here, the heart pierced with a knife is the loudest and clearest message about the pain you feel when you have a broken heart.

Other elements could include backstabbing or betrayal that lead to heartbreak. This tool is not only ideal for wrist positioning but also for the chest. It is the perfect choice for those who prefer delicate style tattoos. It is also ideal for women who are passionate about tattoos.

Such dainty pieces and tattoo ideas contain most of the aesthetics that instinctively attract people and inspire them.

Sad face broken heart tattoo design

Sad face broken heart tattoo design
Marie_taenzer via instagram

While this may not be your typical broken heart tattoo, the woman’s depressed and weeping face inside the heart says a lot. Done in dots, this black heart tattoo is sure to attract a lot of attention.

It is also an ideal choice for those who have been through a new breakup or are heartbroken from losing loved ones. It is a representation of the intense emotions one felt in those times. Not only is it edgy like all other tattoos, it also contains a kind of simplistic beauty that is neither too low nor too loud.

If you are someone who prefers such medium sized symbolic tattoos then we can assure you that this piece will be an ideal choice for you.

Broken heart black illustration tattoo

Broken heart black illustration tattoo
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Last and certainly not least, as we have kept one of the best as the last piece in this collection; this illustration of a broken heart with a woman’s face is definitely something not to be missed. It is ideal for both male and female tattoo enthusiasts.

The tattoo looks very realistic, the minute details like the shattered pieces of the heart make it even more attractive. The line of work meanwhile has its own charm that cannot be ignored. Such tattoos are very popular and loved in the tattoo community. In recent years they have also become very popular.

A broken, cracked or crushed heart tattoo has different meanings for different people. While some people are heartbroken over a lost love, others may be devastated that they have lost someone to death. Despite everything, a broken heart tattoo can be modified and customized to suit your needs.

Basically, a broken heart tattoo is a representation of lost love, the loss of hopes of finding love or even the memory of that lost love. It is also a representation or a keepsake for those who have chosen to commemorate loved ones.

There are many of these models that will further tickle your imagination and in this collection we have selected some of the best, which are sure to blow your mind. To make your search experience for your next ink easier, we’ve decided to select the best jobs for you.

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