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Looking for some cute dog ear tattoo designs? We have the same. Below are some excellent examples of dog ear tattoos that you will love.

Dog ear tattoo ideas
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Dog tattoos are one of the unique ways to pay homage to a beloved long-lost pet.

They can be of various models. It all depends on the wearer and the type of tattoos he wants to inked on his body permanently.

It is difficult to say goodbye to a pet, with whom you have shared many loving memories and experiences. What if you could keep them permanently in your heart, in the form of body art? In fact, they won’t replace your pet, but they can serve as a constant reminder of those happy moments you’ve shared. Some of the most common areas to get inked dog ear tattoos include the wrist, forearm, and navel. Below are some excellent examples of dog ear tattoo ideas, from which you can get inspiration for your next tattoo design.

Outline dog ear tattoo

Outline dog ear tattoo
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Given here is a very cute example of a dog ear tattoo outline, which is engraved on the individual’s forearm. The simplistic nature of this tattoo makes it a trendy choice in today’s tattoo world. The artist created this beautiful piece of body art using black ink. The tattoo looks simply adorable and aesthetic. If you like these types of custom tattoos then this can turn out to be a great design for you. However, before you visit a tattoo parlor, be sure to take the perfect photo of your dog with you, which you wish to replicate. It will be much easier for the tattoo artist to recreate the design on your body.

Dog Ears Tattoo With Flowers

Dog ears tattoo with flowers
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Dogs are arguably one of the most loyal pets for some people. Perhaps that is why they are also referred to as a man’s best friend. They have nothing but love and loyalty to their owners. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many dog ​​owners are opting for dog ear tattoos. They don’t always necessarily mean the death of a pet. They can also be a representation of loyalty and protection. In this image mentioned above, we can see an extraordinary drawing of a dog’s ears, covered with flowers. As we all know, in the tattoo world, flowers symbolize delicacy, love and fragility. When paired with the dog’s ear, they can represent the deep love you share with your pet. These types of tattoos are more common among women.

Quirky Dog Ear Tattoo

Quirky dog ear tattoo
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Have you ever noticed that weird look of a dog, with its ears up and slightly tilted forward? If you are a dog lover, then you know what I’m talking about. Usually, when you see a dog with this type of posture, it means that he is looking carefully for something or is trying to hear some noise. As we all know, dogs are often adopted as a means of protection from thieves and other dangerous animals. Therefore, they are the perfect symbols of guidance and protection. The artist of this design tried to recreate this idea through this tattoo. See how cute the tattoo is on the individual’s forearm. Using only delicate lines and black ink, the artist managed to make this tattoo design successfully.

Dog ear tattoo with letters

Dog ear letter tattoos
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Are you looking for some excellent ideas to customize your simple dog ear tattoo design? Here is the perfect one for you. The image mentioned above contains a very cute dog ear tattoo, combined with the name “Ayla”. It denotes the name of the dog, whose ears have been drawn on the forearm of the individual. This can be one of the best ways to show the deep bond of love and friendship you share with your canine friend. The font used for this design looks very aesthetic. You can customize the font according to your preferences. As for the tattoo design, be sure to choose the perfect image of your dog to avoid design mistakes. Also, instead of plain black ink, you can add other bright colors like pink or red, to make the design more realistic.

Dog ears and paws tattoo

Dog ears and paws tattoo
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Dog paw tattoos are yet another simple dog tattoo design, which are minimalist and straightforward. They represent love and loyalty to your pet and can also be customized in different shapes and symbols. When paired with the ears, they convey a deeper meaning of the bond. The image as mentioned above is a rendering of the same. Instead of doing a simple dog ear tattoo, the wearer has also incorporated the paw design. It looks really cool, mainly due to the different shade of black ink used to highlight this canine animal’s fur. If you look closely, you can see that the artist used a dark shade of black, to mark the paws, and a lighter shade of the same ink, for the ears. These types of tattoos are trendy and look great on any individual.

Dog ear finger tattoo

Dog ear finger tattoo ideas
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Dog tattoos don’t just mean the memories of your beloved pet. They can also represent some human qualities such as communication, playfulness, loyalty and unconditional love. If you can relate to any of these qualities mentioned above, then this design is the perfect choice for you. In this image, we can see an adorable and minimalist design of a dog ear tattoo engraved on the individual’s finger. Some of the most common placements for this type of minimal design include the fingers, neck, ankle, and wrist. You can also create this look using watercolor ink as they are more vibrant and easily visible. An important thing to remember before getting a finger tattoo is that it can be a little more painful than other parts of the body. Additionally, you may also need to do a lot of tweaking as they use our fingers every day.

Dog ear with initial tattoo

Dog ear with initial tattoo
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In this image we can see two pairs of dog ears, and on the corner of each, the dogs initials are inked. These types of dog tattoos are ideal for those who are new to the world of tattooing. They are the perfect representation of your love for your canine friends. Along with the initials, you can also include your dogs’ date of birth under the design. This will make the tattoo more attractive. These types of line tattoos usually don’t cost a lot. Therefore, they are ideal for those who prefer minimalist designs to large ones.

Colored dog ear tattoo

Colored dog ear tattoo
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This image contains a very beautiful and vibrant design of two dog ear tattoos engraved on the individual’s leg. Instead of following the traditional black and white ink, the artist here used a splash of several bright colors to highlight the two dog names. He used a mixture of pink and purple for one design and for the other he used green, yellow and blue. All these colors blend perfectly with each other and look fabulous in this tattoo design. If you like these kinds of colorful designs for your tattoo, you can use this one here as inspiration the next time you get inked.

Realistic dog ear tattoo

Realistic dog ear tattoo
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Instead of choosing a dog ear tattoo, if you want a more intricate and detailed design for your dog ear tattoos, this one here might be the perfect one for you. In this image, the tattoo artist used various shades of black to highlight the animal’s fur. As clearly visible from the design, it was made using black and gray ink. These types of tattoos provide a more realistic design and moderate size, making them easily visible even from a distance.

Dog ear and heart tattoo

Dog ear and heart tattoo
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Incorporating certain aspects into your dog ear tattoos is one of the best ways to make them more interesting. Take the example of this image. The artist here paired the dog ear tattoo with a simple and cute heart symbol. As we all know, the heart means love, friendship and passion. The same was highlighted in this image. In addition, the red ink and black color of the ears provide a wonderfully contrasted image. These types of tattoos are more common among women and can be a great way to start your journey into the world of tattooing.

Dog ear tattoos are very easy to design. They don’t take a lot of time and are affordable. They are the best designs for newbies in the tattoo world. A few other such cute examples of dog ear tattoos are mentioned below, which you can use as inspiration for your next tattoo design.

  • Dog ear silhouette tattoo
  • Puppy ears tattoo
  • Dotwork dog ears tattoo
  • Dog ears ankle tattoo
  • Floppy ear tattoo

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