11 Best Braves Tattoo Design Ideas

The Braves Tattoo is a unique design that pays homage to the team’s storied history. The Braves have been playing baseball for more than 140 years and the Braves tattoo is a great way to show your admiration for their achievements. For sports fans everywhere, getting a Braves Tattoo can be a personal badge of honor that reflects one’s allegiance to this legendary team. From the intricate details in the classic Braves logo to the iconic tomahawk that adorns its arms, this tattoo has never looked better or felt more powerful than it does today. Let everyone know who you are supporting with a Braves Tattoo today!

Braves Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoo of the brave
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A member of the National League, the Atlanta Braves American baseball team has won millions of hearts with their passionate play.

Trading the baseball world with their stunning victories, the team has worked their way up to become one of the best professional baseball teams in the world. The team was originally called the “Braves” and has been around since 1871.

They began their journey as the Boston Red Stockings and changed their name several times as they moved from Boston to Atlanta. Although they were known as “America’s Team” at first, over time they started gaining worldwide fame. Their golden years span from 1991 to 2005 when the team showed a marvelous performance by capturing 14 consecutive titles. They also have a record of the largest pitching rotation in history. The Braves were sold to William Bartholomay after 1962, who began looking for new buyers. City of Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. approached the Braves and they moved to Atlanta, changing their names to the Atlanta Braves.

The Braves team also changed their logos a few times, starting with just the letter B and then slowly shaping the shape of the logo into a crested Indian. Around 1957, the Indian warrior was seen laughing as the logo was changed again. Currently the team logo consists of the title “Braves” with a tomahawk underneath. Fans all over the world are getting Atlanta Braves tattoos to show their love, respect and unbridled devotion to the players. They get Atlanta Braves tattoos on their bodies to celebrate the team’s victories. If you are such a fan, check out these awesome Atlanta Braves tattoos of all time.

Atlanta Braves logo tattoo

Atlanta braves logo tattoo
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This is a beautiful Atlanta Braves logo tattoo. It is etched into the skin of the arm with red and black tattoo ink. The tattoo mimics the team’s current logo. The baseball team’s name, “Braves,” is in italics with the tomahawk underneath.

Beginning in 1987, the Atlanta Braves adapted its modern logo. They have changed its logo several times since its inception. So far, this scheme of having the name “Braves” in italics and putting the tomahawk at the bottom has had minor modifications over and over again. Those who adore the contribution of the Braves to the world of sports can opt for this tattoo as a sign of their love and support.

Colored feather tattoo of the brave

Colored feather tattoo of the brave
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This gorgeous Braves feather logo tattoo looks stunning. The vibrant combination of red and blue is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The viewer will be instantly drawn to this tattoo.

This red and blue feather was a dominant motif on the sleeves of the jersey worn by Braves players from 1972 to 1975. This design is one of the most popular Braves tattoos. Fans all over the world would get such caps and T-shirts with this colorful feather printed back in the day. It has now been adopted as a tattoo.

Atlanta Braves badass player tattoo

Atlanta braves badass player tattoo
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The next tattoo is a realistic drawing of an Atlanta Braves player with the head of a bison. He is in the position of hitting the ball with his club. The colors of the tattoo reflect the work of a skillful hand.

The bison is the representation of strength and integrity. The unity of the players and their strength are symbolized here. This is one of the best Atlanta Braves tattoo here on the list. This tattoo will look even more elegant on the back or thigh. Both men and women will look great on this tattoo.

Broken Tomahawk Braves tattoo

Broken tomahawk braves tattoo
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This tattoo features a broken tomahawk on the leg. The tomahawk handle is broken in two pieces. The color combination on this one is distinctive and looks stunning to the beholder.

The extraordinary spiritual power of a tomahawk is unmatched. Although a tomahawk was a dominant emblem in the history of warfare, it was displayed before the War Chief, and he declared war on enemies. He would also represent peace for some cultures. Broken tomahawk could mean the opposite. The symbolic value of such a tattoo is unique and interesting. Anyone who is looking for such outstanding tattoo designs can opt for this one. The love for the team will thus be expressed through body art.

Unique Braves logo tattoo

Unique braves logo tattoo
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This tattoo is the Laughing Indian logo gone wrong. The face of the Indian is replaced by that of a laughing skull. The creepy face of the skull with its two upper and lower teeth knocked out makes the tattoo more interesting. The Atlanta Braves team cross tomahawk logo is designed beautifully here.

The face of this skull cracking in a burst of laughter is equally horrific and artistic. This skull face with its teeth pulled out might be a nightmare for some, but those who like their tattoos a little different might choose this one. This can be one of the most requested Atlanta Braves tattoo ideas if this design goes viral. People love this kind of rare interpretation of these tattoos.

Awesome Braves skull tattoo

Awesome braves skull tattoo
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The next tattoo features a cool skull face with Atlanta hat and glasses. Red and blue roses adorn the skull. Her face smiles with her teeth bared and her hollow nose looks creepy.

The Indian face used in the Braves team logo changed to a skull face. This tattoo looks extraordinary and would look cool if young fans got it. This is one of the best Atlanta tattoo ideas for both men and women.

Atlanta Braves Laughing Indian with Mohawk Tattoo

Atlanta braves laughing indian with mohawk tattoo
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Laughing Indian is synonymous with the Atlanta Braves name. This next tattoo makes sure to present it through art. The happy Indian with the crest is practically drawn on the leg of the tattoo bearer.

The Indian’s face looks very real; therefore, the red and black colors used to ink it give it a three-dimensional effect. This logo was used for the team from 1956 to 1962. But as soon as the team moved to Atlanta, the “Braves” title was added under the Indian face. Even though the logo is no longer in use, the tattoo of him is still in vogue. To express true devotion and love for the Braves, many people decide to use this logo.

Melodious Atlanta Braves tattoo

Melodious atlanta braves tattoo
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This is a lettering tattoo with the Atlanta Braves logo. The entire tattoo is etched into the skin in black ink and the logo is drawn in red and yellow. Cute musical notes are drawn all around.

Love for a national baseball team can be compared to music. And certainly, this tattoo artist brought out the love, passion and devotion that the tattoo artist has for the team. This tattoo design is cute and artistic, so it will suit both men and women. Fans will love such a tattoo.

Braves aesthetic tattoo

Braves aesthetic tattoo
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Here is a side-by-side representation of how a tattoo heals over the years. This tattoo features the initial A from the Atlanta Braves logo in the center of a card. The flashy casino chips were scattered across the tattoo.

The Ace of Spades often symbolizes war and victory. The initial A of the Atlanta Braves is written on the card to represent the Ace. It is in the background of a casino, a gamble game. Just like baseball it is a game of luck and challenge. Metaphorical representation is quite well established in this tattoo.

Traditional tattoo of the brave

Traditional tattoo of the brave
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This is a classic version of Braves tattoos. The Braves logo colored tattoo consists of two red tomahawks crossing each other and the initial A in the center. The tattoo is drawn very carefully and skillfully to give it a realistic look.

The tattoo highlights the logo worn on the sleeves of the throwback uniforms. It first came into the spotlight in 2012 and is still in use today. The tomahawk is quite significant and represents each native people. The tomahawk symbol can mean war, but sometimes it also means peace. Whatever its true symbolism, the tomahawk is as much an inspiration to players here as it is to baseball fans. Red and yellow colors bring the tattoo to life and will be a perfect option for anyone who appreciates such symbolism.

These tattoos are not just artistic expressions; they are expressions of the devotion and support fans have shown the players and their precious team. People from all over the world choose to get together and join hands to cheer on these players who, in return, give their last drop of energy to play and win. While the goal is to win, the Braves have never given up when faced with failures. Perhaps this is why their popularity and fan following never ceases to wane. And the more they are celebrated, the more trendy their tattoos become. Some other ideas are provided below.

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