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Losing the most iconic flower of its color, we bring you the best list of black and white rose tattoos to adorn your body with these beautiful creations!

Black and white rose tattoos
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The black rose tattoo is a trendy design adopted by millennials and Genz to turn heads with their mysterious aura with success.

Taking away the most beloved red color from the rose, the meaning of a black rose tattoo is often associated with pain and death. The flower features the same delicate design, but a simple change in the color palette completely transforms the symbolism of the rose.

The rose is a versatile flower known for its beauty, grace and deep meanings hidden in its colors. The flower has different symbolism in different cultures, with all of them changing in a beautiful way with a change of colors. Just as a white rose tattoo symbolizes innocence and purity, and a red rose tattoo represents love, various other variations are representative of many complex human emotions. Although colors like purple, orange and pink are quite common among people, roses with black color are barely seen.

Black roses don’t exist naturally, but their alluring color and mysterious allure are what draw most people to pick them. Black rose tattoos are usually associated with grief and sad emotions, but their gorgeous build attracts millions of people every year to get black and white rose tattoos. If you are hoping to get a black and white rose-like tattoo, this is the place!

Find the best black and white rose tattoo ideas with our comprehensive list!

Couple black and white rose tattoos

Couple black and white rose tattoos
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Couple tattoos have deep and deep meaning for the people who get them. Whether it’s a small shared symbol of love or friendship, these symbols don’t have to be big and striking, but small and dainty tattoo designs work equally well to illustrate the deeper meaning. The tattoo above features a beautiful black and white rose tattoo to represent a similar bond between two people. The tattoo features a delicate black rose tattoo inked on the arms of two people, who are supposedly a couple or best friends. The tattoo idea is simple but gives a very special meaning to the artwork with an added quote that says “It doesn’t matter when” and “It doesn’t matter where”, capturing the promise of being together no matter the place or situation.

Black and white rose tattoos for men sleeves

Black and white rose tattoos for men sleeves
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Men need not be worried about the sport of floral tattoos as a beautiful majestic black rose tattoo like the one above can enhance your tattoo sleeve with just the right amount of gentle and fierce vibes. Women often prefer rose tattoos, although men can also try out different large or small rose tattoos to experiment.

The tattoo above is a striking and realistic illustration of the rose tattoo, paired with a compass and an eye inside a box. The black and white rose tattoo only requires black ink to do its magic on the sleeve, as the tattoo follows a traditional shading pattern to keep the design authentic.

White on black rose tattoo ideas with simple design

White on black rose tattoo ideas with simple design
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The curves of a flower complement exceptionally well with narrow geometric patterns and the tattoo above plays with the design creating a never-before-seen black rose tattoo. Instead of using dark tones, the tattoo artist incorporated solid black color as a base and illustrated the artwork of a tattoo with a white rose on it. The obvious contrast makes the design super quirky. The rose is a beautiful flower and a common sight as a tattoo design among millions of people, so the best way to make your tattoo stand out from the crowd is to experiment. The design steals the signature color of the iconic flower and inserts it into the black and white frame, which turned out to be just as breathtaking.

Memorial dragonflies and rose tattoo in black and white

Memorial dragonflies and rose tattoo in black and white
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Flowers are a key part of memorials. Whether it is to witness the last rites of a close relative or to visit a tomb, flowers are used with affection to extend the kind heart and human emotions through the natural element full of beauty. Following the significant impact of flowers in comforting grieving souls, this memorial tattoo idea is sensitive and beautiful. It is a way to represent the beauty of lost loved ones.

Dragonflies are the symbol of transformation, which is what a human body goes through after meeting an end. The tattoo is dedicated to a lost soul as the tattoo artist used dragonflies to represent change while the cluster of roses below adds a delicate touch to the whole artwork. The gray rose tattoo is colorless, representing what people feel after losing loved ones, yet the beauty of the lost one still persists in the form of beautifully sculpted roses.

Butterfly tattoo ideas with black and white rose tattoo

Butterfly tattoo ideas with black and white rose tattoo
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Incorporating two of the most sought after tattoo designs into one, the butterfly tattoo with a black and white rose design is perfect for fulfilling the need for both tattoos. The tattoo idea features a butterfly with half of the wings adorned with small roses while the other half retains its original structure. The tattoo artist used delicate shades of gray, black and white to illustrate the butterfly wings. On the other hand, the floral additions are also made to look lifelike, making the whole artwork more breathtaking than usual. This small tattoo is perfect for the wrist, arm or neck.

Withered black and white rose tattoo

Withered black and white rose tattoo
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Nature always finds its way to make things even more beautiful than they are. Capturing a similar phenomenon, the black rose tattoos above illustrate tattoos with rose stems and thorns, which wither with the impact of the wind. Withered rose petals swaying gently in the wind isn’t the only thing worth complimenting. A small butterfly can also be seen slowly emerging from the ruins of withered rose petals, creating an artistic masterpiece.

Black and white tattoo ideas supposedly inhibit the potential of colored tattoos, but this simple black and white rose tattoo exceptionally extends the deep meaning. The shoulder-to-neck extension is perfect for this tattoo, although for a change of position, you can choose a back tattoo in a similar space while maintaining the beauty.

Delicate small tattoos with roses

Delicate small tattoos with roses
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Minimal tattoos are gaining popularity among people for being small, discreet and minimalist to barely get noticed by people. The pink ankle tattoo can complete that wish of yours with its little stem. The black and white rose tattoo idea follows a simple theme and creates a whole stem of rose on the ankle. With no complicated additions or colors, it looks great for tattoo lovers hoping for simple body art instead of a larger piece. A tattoo with such a small rose can also be used on the wrist!

Black and white tattoo ideas with roses and skulls

Black and white tattoo ideas with roses and skulls
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Who said flowers can’t get creepy? Adding a touch of freshness to the gentle and innocent image of a rose, this rose and skull tattoo brings black and white undertones to showcase a mysterious and frightening energy. The tattoo features an ultra realistic rose tattoo with a creepy skull illustrated above the blossomed flower. As black rose tattoos symbolize pain and death, this tattoo is a scary version of the innocent flower rose. This can be worn as a rose sleeve tattoo or a rose shoulder tattoo to accentuate your tattoo collection with its beauty.

Black and White Cross Rose Tattoo Ideas

Black and white cross rose tattoo ideas
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Religious tattoo lovers mostly prefer floral tattoo ideas to narrate significant religious events through ink. The tattoo above is not exactly the depiction of an event, but it uses the holy cross symbol with roses to create beautiful and sacred ink. Tattoo artists often use the floral background to work as a canvas for other designs worth highlighting. The artwork does the same but with black and white roses, which also seems to use a traditional color and shade palette to create the beautiful traditional rose tattoo illustration.

Black and white tattoo with skull and rose

Black and white skull and rose tattoos
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A big shift from the usual rose and skull tattoos, the artist has interestingly incorporated creativity, using two rose stems combined with a couple of skulls. The tattoo features two rose-like skulls posing in a very romantic way. The design elevates a simple black rose tattoo into something many haven’t seen yet. You can use it as a rose hand tattoo, dog rose tattoo or even a rose neck tattoo!

These are all black and white rose tattoo ideas that you can use to create your very own rose tattoo. Find your best match or choose different elements from different tattoos to combine them into your artwork. Here are some more tips to fuel your imagination!

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