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Looking for gorgeous tattoo ideas on your own? Then you’re in the right place. Browse this list of awesome self tattoo ideas selected just for you.

Tattoo alone
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Tattoos alone are seen as a way to express ourselves and our feelings.

It acts as a reminder for the wearer to stay strong and as a symbol of facing difficulties head-on. Tattoos like this are symbols of mental health and depression and raise awareness of them. They also act as a subtle reminder that being alone isn’t always a bad thing. But if you are stuck, you should always ask your friends and family for help.

Various tattoo artists believe that many of those who are trying to improve or have recovered from their mental health problems have inked tattoos this way because they can tell their story and remind them to keep hope.

Scroll through the list of tattoos by yourself below and visit your nearest tattoo artist, explain your preferences and vision to them and get a great tattoo of your own for yourself.

Tattoo forever alone

Tattoo forever alone
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The tattoo teaches that no one is above time, which is why we should respect time and understand its importance. If you want a long sleeve tattoo, this can be perfect for you. There are many elements in this single tattoo which contains many symbols.

The number 86 in the tattoo symbolizes that the guardian angels are working hard with you to bring prosperity and happiness into your life. At the same time, the clock in the tattoo reminds us that nothing is permanent in our life, so we will have to accept the changes and move on. The child in the tattoo shows how much we try to race against time, but we can never do it because time will never stand still for anyone. We will have to accept mortality, life and death, existence and continue to look forward.

Healing tattoo ideas

Healing tattoo ideas
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If you are looking for a tattoo that spreads the message of your healing and how you have embraced and improved it, then this tattoo may be your choice. The tattoo is made entirely in black and red ink while the calligraphic writing style highlights the spoken words and is inked with the snake wrapping itself around the words.

The tattoo is about overcoming your fear, while the snake is the timeless symbol of struggle, power of change and transformation. Just as the snake sheds its skin, the wearer is trying to change their life after losing their sadness and battling the pain they are going through. The quote inked on the body is a daily reminder of what they’ve been through.

Small minimalist tattoos

Small minimalist tattoos
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If you are someone recovering from your worst periods and want to ink something subtle, you can consult your tattoo artist and you can inked this minimalist tattoo. The tattoo is done on the face, where it is known that it hurts a lot during inking. So if you want, you can change the position of the tattoo or keep it where it is. The decision on the location of the tattoo depends on the wearer.

A tattoo like this has deep symbolic meaning and conveys the wearer’s hidden mental struggle. Along with it, the scar sign tattoo on the neck is reminiscent of what the wearer went through during his difficult time and how he decided to overcome it, whatever happens.

Tattoo of a life story

Tattoo of a life story
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This tattoo is reminiscent of what life with or without friends can be like. This is a small tattoo written on your wrist but it can also be done on other visible parts of your body. And the colors of the tattoo also depend on your choice. The whole tattoo is done in black ink with a calligraphic writing style, which makes it very prominent compared to others.

The ‘L’ in the word ‘Solo’ is a girl whose umbrella is about to be carried away by the rain, but the girl is holding it on whatever happens. This is what life teaches us not to give up even if we are stuck or going through a difficult time. The birds in the tattoo symbolize the upcoming good days. This tattoo will inspire many who are facing problems in life.

Black tattoo design

Black tattoo design
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If you want a tattoo design that shows your personality, you can select this design for your next tattoo appointment. This tattoo shows how the wearer sees the world and how he perceives us. It is a daily reminder of our struggle, dream, loneliness and how we are trying to hide it from our loved ones.

The handwriting of this tattoo looks like a scary Word Art, which is done with great precision and clarity by the tattoo artist. The tattoo is done right in the center of the chest. While the tattoo gives off a scary vibe, you can ink this tattoo if you like alternative tattoo designs or want to inscribe your fight against depression on your body.

Simple tattoo ideas with calligraphy art

Simple tattoo ideas with calligraphy art
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This tattoo covers an entire portion of the sleeve, so if you’re ready for a big tattoo, you can do it. This has many elements in it that also carry some symbolic meanings associated with sadness and the past and teaches us to embrace life and move on.

The word Alone, written in a beautiful font, draws attention to the wearer. It tells us about the bad decisions we have made in the past and the things we have lost. At the same time, the wearer can get this inked to show their journey from sadness and depression to happiness and joy. You can add or remove some elements from the tattoo and add your own personal touch, which will make it more personal and close to your heart. Each tattoo speaks of the wearer’s journey.

Cupid head and bone tattoo ideas

Cupid head and bone tattoo ideas
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If you are bold enough to try something new and experimental, this can be your inspiration. In this tattoo, many elements mythically and traditionally are not true, but the wearer can experiment with their own tattoos based on their inspiration and imagination.

In this tattoo, Cupid is shown shooting with a machine gun, while Cupid is known for shooting love with a bow and arrow. The cupid here is the daily reminder and the symbol of rebellion, passion and power to face evils. The inked word “Solo” is cut from the center, giving the tattoo more clarity. The skull on the sofa with a wreath of thorns is what life is like and how we have to be rebellious enough to fight. Although the skull represents both positive and negative, good and evil, it symbolizes truth.

Thunder tattoo ideas

Thunder tattoo ideas
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If you like simple looking tattoos that also need to have deep symbolic meaning then this tattoo can be perfect for you. It covers a larger section of your hand, while lightning bolts are the center of attraction of this tattoo. The tattoo is made entirely in black ink but you can change it or add some colors.

Lightening tattoos are often associated with great power and the Greek god Zeus. It is the symbol of the loss of ignorance which can represent the triumph over evil. The deep and bold calligraphy art of the word “Alone” brings out the design. Tattoos like this not only indicate depression, but also how you resist it.

Gemstone symbol tattoo ideas

Gemstone symbol tattoo ideas
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According to various tattoo artists, many mental illness survivors or fighters have inked this tattoo on their bodies to remind themselves of the motivation to never give up. So if you are looking for a motivational tattoo to feel good or want to respect someone’s journey then this tattoo can be your choice.

In this tattoo, there is a child walking face down with a yellow gem dangling from his hand. The yellow gem symbolizes the feeling of starting some coolness, good luck and enlightenment. The child is also walking inside the geometrically shaped triangle, which represents stability. The deep inking and shading give the tattoo shine and transparency.

Colorful inspiration tattoo

Colorful inspiration tattoo
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If you are looking for some sort of colorful tattoo that tells you that you are not alone but will have a nice and nice touch then this can be perfect for you. This tattoo looks eye-catching in itself and the symbols and meanings associated with it make it even more meaningful and closer to the wearer.

This tattoo is a reminder that you are not alone in Mother Nature’s lap. The word “Solo” in this tattoo is crossed out, symbolizing what the wearer feels. This tattoo is loved by the wearer because it contains personal feelings for the wearer. The sunset in the tattoo looks very beautiful and the girl sitting under the coconut tree seeks solitary isolation. The wearer of this tattoo seeks peace of mind and a peaceful lonely place to enjoy their healing time.

The tattoos alone are absolutely beautiful and look great on the wearer. These tattoos have many deep meanings, while the symbolism makes them unique and personal. You can customize the tattoos your way and let your creativity shine because the wearer’s choice comes first when it comes to tattooing. You can get one of these tattoos for around $ 50 to $ 150. Here are some meaningful tattoo ideas that you can consider and review as you select Tattoos on your own for yourself and make a booked appointment with your professional tattoo artist.

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