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Brainstorming for a unique tattoo design? How about a $ 100 tattoo? We have curated a collection full of creativity!

100 dollar bill tattoos
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The current $ 100 bill is a version of the Federal Reserve Note.

This was not the first version released. The original banknote with the same value was first issued in 1862.

On an average $ 100 bill, there is an old man’s face. He is none other than Benjamin Franklin. He is one of the nation’s founding fathers. Although no specific reason seems to be recorded in history, Franklin is given the honor for his contributions to US history. While designing the $ 100 through various modifications, Franklin appeared in the bill with the 1914 version. Before that, there were other versions, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and even a bald eagle. However, did you know that there is a rule as to who can be put on dollar bills? The rule states that images of living people cannot be affixed to dollar bills. With a dollar bill tattoo on your body, you will never run out of money. Do you see what we did there?

Coiled snake guarding the money tattoo

Coiled snake guarding the money tattoo
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The site for this tattoo extends to the thigh. There is a blue snake with its fangs on display. The snake has wrapped the money tightly with her body. As she does it, she looks fierce. The design covers most of the skin. Hence, this will take more than one session. So, cancel your schedule and be ready to commit to the amazing tattoo.

Unlike popular beliefs and ideas, snakes are also treated as a sign of protection, wisdom, and good luck. Hence, the snake in this tattoo protects the person’s wealth. On the other hand, it can also mean that the person has enough wisdom to protect their wealth. Hence, there is room to play with symbolism.

$ 100 Bill Rose Tattoo

$ 100 bill rose tattoo
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When it comes to visual appeal, this $ 100 tattoo design has our hearts. On the wrist you can see a rose in full bloom. However, this rose is not a typical flower. It is made of dollar bills. If you decide to get this tattoo with money, keep in mind that the wrist is a sensitive spot and could hurt more than other parts of the body.

Among its many connotations, the rose is also associated with passion. In this case, it is the person’s passion to pursue what he believes in and rush to get to the top, regardless of the challenges. The goal is undoubtedly to have a better life, where they shouldn’t worry about wealth. In addition, we earn money with our own hands, bringing the symbolism back home.

Blinded by Money Tattoo

Blinded by money tattoo
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If the content of the meaning is more important to you, then this is just the piece for you. We can understand that she is a woman who looks like an allusion to the Statue of Liberty. Her hands are chained with a padlock, which is inked with a tattoo with a money sign. A $ 100 bill can be seen above her eyes, with a cloth over its mouth that resembles the colors of the US flag, blue and red.

The tattoo suggests that freedom is bought or sold for money, that justice is blinded by money, and that many are denied their rights. This tattoo, therefore, is a strong protest against anything that hinders a man’s freedom. The very symbol of freedom is caged by state agencies.

Money robbery tattoo

Money robbery tattoo
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For those who have seen the famous series, this tattoo must be presented. It is inspired by the fantastic show Money Heist, in which thousands of people were stolen by a group, but not by ordinary people. A touch of personalization is added to the tattoo. Instead of Franklin’s face, we find a person wearing a red jumpsuit with a Salvador Dali mask. The number on the bill is also nailed to perfection.

Getting the intricate details right on this unique tattoo won’t be an easy task. So, make sure you are looking for the best tattoo artist. Like the message put forward by the group of robbers, this tattoo is also a symbol of resistance. It opposes the unjust ways in which the rich and the poor are discriminated against.

Tattoo with a million dollar idea

Tattoo with a million dollar idea
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If you’ve been looking for cover-up tattoos, this might work for you. You see a large light bulb. The light bulb is full of $ 100 bills. The light bulb appears to be on due to the green hue of the money. The details on this tattoo are flawless. The reflection of the light on the glass makes it look realistic. No doubt, an equally skilled artist will be required to nail this piece.

The implication of this tattoo can be read in several ways. The tattoo shows how money is just an idea, that is, a human construct. Therefore, in essence, it only has the same value that people place on it. So, the tattoo is telling people to live their life instead of running after money. At the same time, it’s an interesting visual pun on ideas that you consider are worth all the money in the world.

A story behind a bundled tattoo

A story behind a bundled tattoo
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Among the gangster money tattoos, this is our favorite. Because the tattoo is compact, the inking site can be easily moved to any other part of the body, from the calf to the nape of the neck. There is a $ 100 package held together with a rubber band. A very interesting touch to the job is that Franklin’s face is covered in a black mask which makes him look like a bank robber. There are smudges on the top notes which, although black, suggest they may be bloodstains.

The symbolism on this is very profound and you may need a second look to understand it. The tattoo suggests how fascist elements rob ordinary people of their money and, in that skirmish, it is the blood of ordinary men that is lost.

100 dollar bill tattoo on sleeve

100 dollar bill tattoo on sleeve
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For those looking for sleeve tattoo designs, here is an amazing piece. Scattered on the arm, $ 100 bills can be spotted. Along with this, there are dice and cards. The banknote, however, does not look like the current version; but one of the oldest. We find the piece covered with what looks like flames in order to create a texture on the surface of various inked things. The entire sleeve, although completed in grayscale, looks very realistic.

The sleeve alludes to how life is a betting game, where a choice is like a bet. However, this shouldn’t prevent a person from making choices he believes in, even though the outcome may not always be favorable.

Girl Power 100 dollar bill tattoo

Girl power 100 dollar bill tattoo
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The site for inking this tattoo is on the leg. An animated looking roll of bills can be seen tied with a very fine thread. On the money, the symbols have changed, like the bunch of red berries. A quote is inked that reads “I need money, not boys” in graffiti style, and it looks like the paint is bleeding. Even some of the red pigment seems to have come behind the quote.

This tattoo is for a tough and ambitious woman who is not afraid to state her opinion. So, if you were looking for some feminine tattoos, this is a great find.

Covered with a $ 100 tattoo

Covered with a $ 100 tattoo
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Among the money tattoos, this design looks like it’s starting to talk. A lady’s face and hand can be seen. The lady is holding a martini glass in her hand. Much of her body and her tattoo are covered in dollar bills. She remembers, since she covers a good part of her body, it will take a few sessions. So, be patient and free your schedule in advance.

To understand the purpose behind the piece, you need to understand the message conveyed. While some may interpret it as a person who has accumulated a lot of wealth in order to be made of it, it means that the person is losing his or her being in his blind pursuit of money. Hence, this tattoo urges you to stay true to your principles.

One who sees all the tattoos

One who sees all the tattoos
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A person’s face is obvious. However, in this tattoo, the mouth is covered with a 100 dollar bill. He is wearing a hat and has a scar on his eye. After all, we can find an eye. First of all, the sheer craftsmanship of this tattoo surpasses many competing designs.

The piece indicates much more complicated things. It suggests how money is used to shut the mouth of the powerless. Also, below is the eye of Providence. This underscores how perpetrators cannot hide from someone who knows everything there is to know in this world or age.

Much is interesting about the US 100 dollar bill. For example, the color in the lower right corner can change shades between copper and green under the light. This is due to the presence of tiny metal flakes that can reflect different wavelengths of light.

The $ 100 tattoo ideas turned out to be much more innovative than we thought. So, we had to add other candidates who also deserved a fair chance.

  • One eye inside a 100 dollar bill triangle tattoo.
  • Origami of crane with a tattoo of a 100 dollar bill.
  • Scrooge McDuck with a 100 dollar bill tattoo.
  • 100 dollar bills tied in a noose tattoo.
  • 100 dollar bills in a hectic money bag tattoo design.

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